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A poor soul complained about Ethanol: He said "E10 is a Bad Idea", he didn't like going like a Turtle....

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Posted by <theloneranger100 on January 21, 2008, 8:33 am
Ethanol in Gasoline is a Bad Idea


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Date: 2008-01-18, 2:33PM PST

The Oregon Legislature has imposed a hardship on Motorists and a misguided
"favor" to the Ethanol Producers and out-of-state farm interests by
mandating the use of Gasohol (E10 as they call it.) rather than Gasoline for
use in vehicles year-round and statewide.
I challenge the Legislature to provide scientific studies that this mixture
reduces pollution or "greenhouse" gases in actual use. An objective study of
this fuel would reveal that most (aprox. 95%) of modern vehicles will use
15% to 25% more fuel per mile, not 2% as some claim. This will make most of
the cars on the road use considerably more fuel, causing increased pollution
and greenhouse gases. This negates any savings of petroleum gasoline and
will exacerbate existing or future shortages and high gas prices.
Engineers and Scientists in the Automotive Industry, and Petroleum Industry
Scientists have been doing research for many years to produce the most
efficient engines and cleanest burning fuels available. The USA currently
has the cleanest gasoline in the world.
It appears that the Legislature is assuming it knows better.
There are currently cars being developed that are designed to use ethanol
fuels. Fuel suppliers should be able to meet that demand. I suggest that
until sufficient numbers of suitable cars are produced, that the consumers
should have the choice of using Gasoline or Gasohol. (Mixtures past and
currently sold with Ethanol are deceptively labeled "Gasoline" and should
properly be labeled "Gasoline" or "Gasohol", appropriately).
E10 or "Gasohol" is produced by adding 10% ethanol to gasoline. If the
resulting loss of fuel efficiency was only 10%, it would be acceptable.
Clearly this is not the case. Why is the Oil Industry not objecting to this?
They will sell more Gasoline. Millions of gallons of gasoline wasted.
The politicians will extol the "economic" benefits of the ethanol plants
being built. Any claimed "benefits" are none, as the money is being robbed
from Oregonians at the pump to benefit Ethanol producers and out-of-state
farm interests.
Please contact your State Represntatives and the Governor. Demand that this
law is repealed. The longer this process takes, more gasoline (AND YOUR
MONEY!) is wasted.

I used to agree that E10 is insufficient to power vehicles but a year a go,
I discovered a way you can burn E10 as good as pure gasoline..  So I think
he is wrong..........Heeheee.............. Ain't that a HOOT to have a

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