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Are AstroPower products viable purchases now?

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Posted by Nikita on August 1, 2003, 8:43 pm
I've begun looking into PV systems recently, and found interest in
AstroPower modules.  But, with their corporate financial woes, I
wonder how smart it would be to buy any of their products now.  Is
AstroPower a viable complany? Will AstroPower panel compatible
replacements be available in the future? I'd hate to buy a $$$ system,
then have a relatively small problem down the line, which turns out to
cause a total loss on the whole system.

Posted by Steve Spence on August 2, 2003, 2:12 am
the panels can be replaced by anyone's panels. astropower doesn't make the
complete system. if the $/watt is right for you, buy whomever's panels you

Steve Spence

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