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Battery Question and update on old stuff

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Posted by Randy on January 25, 2009, 2:32 am
Hi all
Where's the Spam? I'm hungry
The old 30 watt Inergy panels died over the summer, 4 years old.  The 80
Watt Photowatts
are doing great.
Any way, I am done with the Wal-Mart deep cycle batteries for my 24 volt
They never seem to equalize the same, one battery shorting a cell within 6
Water level fine, equalizing volts right.
Warranty issues haven't been a problem, just bring in the bad battery for
But Gee, the other one is kinda old now and I have to wait for that to fail
I have to admit to taking them a bit deep down the dischare depth. That's my
A little Outback adjustment needed on the LVD.
This has been the pattern for a while and I am finally ready to listen about
high quality
batteries more suited to Solar, not RVs'
I have seen Interstate T-105's crap out on our auto-scrubbers at work so
scares me.
We had a lady in her power chair get stranded by her MKs'
So I am looking at either 4-Trogen T105s, L16s' if I can lift them.
Or pehaps 2 Concord PVX-2120Ls' if I can afford it and find help lifting
The Surrets look nice too.
I need around 5400 W/hrs capacity that the Walmarts provided from time to
Thanks for any help, I know the lurkers are curious too.
Randy from Lincoln Nebraska (since there are other Randys floating around

Posted by Ron Rosenfeld on January 25, 2009, 2:53 pm

I have a set of Surrette batteries that have done well and, when it comes
time for replacement, I will use the same brand.

In the range of capacity you specify, the S-460 http://tinyurl.com/by27t6
seems a good match with a 350Ah capacity at the 20 hr rate.  It has a 7 yr
warranty and a 12 year design life.

Here is a link to depth of discharge vs cycles graph that may also be
useful to you, especially in view of your history of "taking them a bit
deep down the dischare depth"


Unfortunately, with an order of only 4 S-460's, you won't qualify for any
help on the freight.  You also won't get free connectors -- but you likely
have them from the batteries you are retiring.

I have no experience with the others.  The Concord's look nice in that they
are no-maintenance.  But you do have to watch the discharge levels and I
did not see any warrantee info.  They are also more money (and a bit more
weight) for less capacity than the Surrette's.

The T-105's are of lower quality.  They will not last as long, and will not
tolerate deep discharges as well.  So you may find that, even though they
are less expensive initially, they may cost you more in the long run.

Posted by Randy on January 25, 2009, 3:25 pm


Thanks Ron
Yep it looks like I need a bit more capacity and go for the Quality so I
end up back at the battery store wasting any more time and money.
I do have good 2-0 cables in place and I think the 460s should be a just
Now for the fun part, run the cost/benefit plan past my better half :)
Going with the Surrettes will help with that.
Have good day!

Posted by Randy on January 25, 2009, 3:59 pm


Now also I am trying to find a way to get 4 instead of 36 batteries to
Lincoln NE USA
I might just have to drop by thier loading dock and pick them up myself.
I hope they are jokeing about the min. shipment.

Posted by Ron Rosenfeld on January 26, 2009, 2:11 am

If I understand what you are writing, their minimum shipping requirement is
about how many you need to purchase in order to qualify for FREE shipping.
You can order fewer, but then you'll have to pay the freight.

And I'd shop around for different purveyors as prices differ.  I use
http://shop.altenergystore.com/  for a lot of stuff.  But I don't know if
they have the best price on Surrette's.  They did not when I purchased
mine.  But they (and others) will surely sell you four of them.

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