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Posted by Daily Planet Media on September 11, 2008, 5:11 am
General Motors Corp will have the electric powered Chevy Volt on the
road by the end of the year.

The Volt is the centerpiece of GM's strategy to counter a car sales
slump due to higher gasoline prices and emission pollution concerns.
Bob Boniface, GM director of design for the Chevy Volt, said the
original design of the Volt had been improved and would use a lithium-
ion battery pack that could be recharged at a standard electric

Future success of the Volt will be contingent on advances in lithium-
ion battery technology, auto industry sources said. GM has already
featured the Volt in its advertising and is planning an initial volume
of 10,000 vehicles.

A GM statement to Daily Planet Media said: The Volt is not a niche
program. All the suppliers are looking for significant volumes to
build up capacity.

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Posted by Eeyore on September 11, 2008, 1:10 pm

Daily Planet Media wrote:

What do you mean by 'on the road' ? Certainly not in the showrooms and
they've been testing some 'on the road' for a while although obviously not
the final production version.


Posted by hhc314 on September 12, 2008, 2:01 am

Rrealize that this is all marketing bull, because Chevy will be damn
lucky if they somehow manage to sell most of the introduction models
to theri firsst company shills, which will account for the first 150
or so sales.

 I love the car firm Crap, because in is the onlything that rivals the
political party bull.  Seriously, are you going to rush out and
purchase a hyrbrid car, until after a year or two you can read what
the Consumer Reports are, right?

Elections are much of the same, except their are no Consumer Reports
until you buy the candidate and place him into office.  You have to
cast you vote and take your choice.

I suppose most readers were expecting a pro some camdodate or another
political tirade at this time, in which case there is not any.

I'm not even going to suggest you which candidate to vote for, because
I believe tht they are (even after the mud throwing) honorable
candidates. What you as a voter should focus on is which of these
candidates what best reflect your personal views on experinece in
govenment, voting histoy while in elected office, legilative
accomplihment while holding office, personal character and morality,
and not the least patriotism. and dedication to country above all

There are very few times that I can rembember taking exception to US
with respect to its international actions, althugh there may have been
some. I don't clearly remember these rare incidents, and I believe
most of these related to the period of the Spanish/American war.
Specifically the acquistions that reuslted form the war. (Here, only
American History Majors will know this reference.)

I any reader here does not not understand the US postion taken with
respect to the middle east, including Iraq, I wouls suspect that they
are historically clueless, and even though my field of education is
physics, even I know this bit of hisory, and it's recent connections.

I will leave it up to another reader to expain to you this bit of
history, that pre-dates President Bush by a couple of centuries, but
to give you a clue, liten to the lyrics of the Marine hymn.

'Nuff said.  Vote for whomver you please, but make your selection very

Harry C.

Posted by Fred Kasner on September 12, 2008, 9:50 pm
 hhc314@yahoo.com wrote:



I was not too upset when Bush senior won his election to the presidency.
He, on paper, was about the best qualified candidate who ever ran for
that office. What a list of responsible jobs and good performances. What
a failure! So if you want to rely on 'experience' just look at the
record of support for Bush junior by McClain. That alone should tell you
what we are headed for if he wins. The only change he will bring will be
the faces in the executive offices. 4 more years of Bush like positions?

Posted by Eeyore on September 13, 2008, 12:21 pm

hhc314@yahoo.com wrote:

I do believe you're going to have to eat you words there.

Even more so for the Opel Flextreme.


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