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Connecting a PC to the Fronius inverter - Page 2

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Posted by Christian Kaiser on September 6, 2007, 7:24 pm
a) the protocol of the Interface Card Easy is available, but I don't
recommend the card, as it does not allow to read historical (stored)
data. Dumb, but true. If that's enough for you, fine, but that means a
PC or PDA or whatever must run 24/7.

b) the protocol of the DataLogger is not available, but I'm writing
software for it right now (which stores the data in an SQLite database,
or plots it in an RRDTOOL graph). It's still in development phase,
unless you like to test it. For monitoring, this means a PC must run
24/7, which itself is only a good idea if it's already running (home
server or the like).

For simple monitoring, buy a cheap Atmel card and use the known and
documented interface card protocol. You can then connect using RS232 to
the interface card and react to failures as you like (alert using
beeper, ...). As this uses nearly no energy (<4W, much less if there's
no display needed), this is probably the best for monitoring purpose.


frabbio wrote:

Posted by Rick F on September 7, 2007, 2:39 am

Christian --

Sniffing on the internal 'network' requires RS485 correct?  I'll need
get a card for that which can run under Linux.. I've got a full-time
that can be used for that (among other things) and I'll be getting my
6KW system installed within the next week or so.. I've already got
my two com-cards and data logger Pro + sensor box...

Posted by Christian Kaiser on September 7, 2007, 9:34 am
 The ComCard allows RS232, which is what I use here. The problem is Linux
support. I wrote my software for Windows, and unfortunately it uses a
lot of Windows-specific code (threading, semaphores, ...).

You can sniff at the communication between the Fronius software and the
ComCard, but AFAIK you - again - need Windows for IG.Access.

Possibly a virtual PC (VMWare?) running Windows under Linux? Might soubd
like overkill, but reduces your problems a lot. And as VMWare is free,
and Windows 2000, even NT 4, can be bought for less than 20 $, this
comes cheap unless you need some hardware upgrade for the PC.

What do you want the system to do? Just monitor, or plot the data, or
save it in a database for your own processing?


Rick F wrote:

Posted by Rick F on September 8, 2007, 4:49 am
Hmm.. So your software still needs the IG.access stuff as well?

I was hoping to have something that was completely standalone running
under Linux..  My wife has a PC but the rest of our systems are Mac

I'm hoping to use a database (RRD or better) and be able to plot data
update web pages automatically..

Posted by Christian Kaiser on September 8, 2007, 7:45 am
 Hi Rick,

Nope, why? IG.Access uses RS232, and I use RS232. But there's no further

The ComCard allows a PC to connect to the FroniusNet using RS232.

Unless you're a good C++ programmer and want to make my program run
under Linux (not at all impossible, just a "bit" of work), it's
currently impossible to run any software for Fronius under anything than
Windows (NT based) as far as I know.

That is already working at the moment, but RRDTOOL _or_ SQLite. But I
will soon be improving it by adding a SQLite->RRDTOOL layer. I guess
SQLite is the base of my choice.


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