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Connection between Charge Controller & Inverter

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Posted by Siddhartha on April 11, 2006, 4:55 am
In a Solar Stand Alone Off-grid AC System, Inverter is generally
connected to battery and not through Charge Controller DC load output.
Why is it so?



Posted by George Ghio on April 11, 2006, 7:43 am
Because in a stand alone system the inverter may draw 200Amps or more
from the batteries and the charge controller would not handle this
amount of current draw.

Charge Controller = Input

Inverter = Output

Two different jobs done by two different machines.

Siddhartha wrote:

Posted by Siddhartha on April 15, 2006, 4:23 am
 Hi George,

If the load is not a motor load where there is a high starting current,
what will happen if I connect the Inverter at the load output terminal
of Charge Controller. If  the load is simple like small telecom
continuous AC load, do you think Inverter will draw more current than
required. Many small inverters do not have field adjustable LVD (low
voltage disconnects) and we have to set the LVD at Charge Controller.
Apart from that there are lot of Telecom customers want lot of alarm
output and high voltage alarm, low voltage alarm, module failure alarm
etc. They want remote monitoring of those alarms. Most of the small
inverter do not have those facilities. In these cases there is not
other option but to connect the inverter at the DC load output of
Charge Controller.



George Ghio wrote:

Posted by George Ghio on April 16, 2006, 12:10 am
 There is nothing stopping you from using the regulators load circuit to
run the inverter.

Of course the load side of a regulator may only provide 5 to 20 amps.
This means that the chances of sudden death of the regulator is likely.

There are many regulators that will allow you to programme everything
you want. One such reg is the PL series from plasmatronics. You can
download the full manual from their site. Just do a google for
Plasmatronics. These are just one example. There are other regs that do
as much or more.

If you need to switch off the inverter use a relay on the regs load to
switch the inverters AC output.

Connecting the inverter to the load of a reg is not a good idea. Please
do not do it.

Siddhartha wrote:

Posted by samc on April 11, 2006, 9:02 am
 Siddhartha wrote:

apart from the high currunt issue inverters tend to have there own l.v.d
  (low voltage disconect) and most allso have a h.v.d (high voltage
disconnect) .

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