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FAQ is absurdly mistaken

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Posted by Groundhog on February 2, 2011, 3:07 am
On the FAQ at http://members.autobahn.mb.ca/~het/energy/pv_fqa.html

The question "are there PV cells that work in Ultraviolet
wavelengths?" was answered with something misleading and absurd for
the context.

The answer given is, "Ultraviolet tends to have destructive effects on
living things, and it has likely been avoided for this reason."

Photovoltaisc convert electromagnetic radiation into electricity, they
dont produce electromagnetic radiation. There is no reason to avoid=

using UV-specialized photovoltaics, since photovoltaics do not emit
ultra-violet radiation, the absorb it.

UV absorbing  photo-voltatics have been avoided because UV tends to
have a destructive effects on living things?!

That sort of statement shows a true lack of understanding in what
photovoltaics are.

IF any UV is present, its already there, produced by the sun. Whether
you use photovoltaics to collect that energy is up to you. There is no
danger or reason to avoid UV photovoltaics.

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