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Find you solar products fast!

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Posted by caihuacheng on May 24, 2009, 1:18 am
Find your solar products Fast!
Powered by Fire Energy Group
    Fire Energy Group (www.fire-energy.net) begins business with
photovoltaic since 2004, the headquarter located in Spain Madrid, and
has subsidiary companies in Germany, Italy, China and Hongkong.
    Fire Energy Group is a large photovoltaic system wholesaler and
distributor in Europe.
    Beginning from 2009, to fulfill the market requirement, Fire Energy
Group  launched www.solarF.com, a global BtoB on-line trading
    The launching of www.solarF.com is the milestone of Fire Energy
Group, upgrading from a traditional PV product distributor to global
trading platform.
    www.solarF.com platform inherits the F concept of Fire Energy, an=
expands the F series services. In solarF, the letter F is the
abbreviation of Family, and it also means:
    Future energy
    Financial service
    Find your solar product fast
    www.solarF.com  is aiming at providing one-stop solution to
worldwide customers with competitive price products and excellent
quality service.
    Services  and advantages for suppliers
    www.solarF.com  concentrates on building up sales channel for
photovoltaic module and relative product suppliers
    Service and advantages for customers:
    www.solarf.com trading platform dedicates to offer one-stop solution
for worldwide customers including PV power station designing,
components suppliers, installation and financial consultancy services.
Contact us:   info@solarf.com
Skype:   solarf.com
msn:  solarf.com@hotmail.com
gmail: solarf.com@gmail.com

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