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Grumman sunstream cf-100

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Posted by digistream.tf on January 2, 2019, 5:08 pm
I have the Grumman sunstream cf-100 complete system backflow control module
 and 2/4 foot by 8 foot solar panels itrade I am a handyman I was asked by  
one of my customers to remove the system from a home they were getting read
y to sell she was thinking it would sell faster without it because it look  
complicated to her however I removed it it was functioning absolutely perfe
ctly very brightly colored green glycol lots of waterfall very hot water it
 was system into two 60 gallon hot water tanks one tank Run 2 was with the  
electric of the home and the other was absolutely no electricity hooked int
o the control module are piped-in any type of way the where all the hot wat
er was put into the tanks and the second tank was used as a hold take and t
he first take as a whole tank and backup case days without sun or something

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