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Hello All!

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Posted by Leon Rathburn on January 23, 2014, 9:00 pm
I figured I'd say hi to everyone here since I just joined.

I've had ambitions for going off-grid for all of my energy needs for severa
l years but haven't really had the time or money to chase them when I was y
ounger. Now that I'm a little older I really want to make it a reality and  
not just a pipe dream of a young kid. Right now I'm renting a house, so doi
ng a full installation is not possible, but I would like to power the 20x15
 out building that is on the property. It is powered through the house with
 a 110V/60A breaker and it has done fine so far with that breaker and runni
ng my woodworking shop tools. I would like to expand my shop tools since it
 is a small business for me but I would also like to remove it from the gri
d and use PV panels for powering the shop. I would also like to use this as
 an "experiment" and to gain experience before I purchase land, and build a
 house and shop on it with the intention of being completely off-grid.

With that said, I've been seriously thinking of purchasing a panel and char
ge controller and starting with what I can. However, I'm still a newbie and
 am not really sure which direction I should go with voltages and such. I w
as thinking getting one panel at a time when I have money, something like t
his panel ( http://www.solar-electric.com/trina-solar-multicrystalline-240-  
watt-tsm-240pa05.html )  to start with, but when it comes to the charge con
troller I'm at a total loss.

What should I look for in PV panels and charge controllers?
Is there a general favorite for panels and charge controllers?

I already have two Duracell batteries (AGM Deep Cycle Marine and RV Battery
 - Group Size 31DTMAGM) that I originally purchased for my battery powered  
welder and will start with these even though I know I will need more.

Thanks to everyone in advance

Posted by Lu Wei on January 25, 2014, 8:25 am
You could inquire some solution providers first, to get an rough
knowledge about the off-grid solar electricity system, the components
needed, how much should it cost, etc. Then you could decide whether you
can DIY it within your capability. I've seen examples of unprofessional
installing of systems leading to panel damage (burnt).

Lu Wei
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