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Posted by Eeyore on October 15, 2008, 1:51 pm

spaco wrote:

Your nonsensical comment about analogue meters ! How do think they developed
stuff like radar without DMMs ?


Posted by spaco on October 17, 2008, 4:29 am
Well, Eeeyore, they didn't use $.95 HF multimeters to develop radar.  I
was around then.    We had very expensive analog meters with mirrored
scales and complete calibration departments to make sure things were as
accurate as possible for the day.
   An Oscilloscope was more useful than a voltmeter anyway.
   But, even back then, most of us in the electronics business were
using vacuum tube voltmeters so as to read inputs with a high impedance
device so as not to negatively affect the source.   As far as rf
amplifiers go, we weren't looking at parts of volt very often since the
early stuff was vacuum tubes.   B+ voltages of hundreds and thousands of
volts if I recall.  I have a 1960's Westinghouse induction heater here
that has 10,000 volts on the plates.
   As early as the mid 1950's we had "digital" readouts at one place I
worked.  Those meters (Beckman was one of the big names, IIRC) cost
several hundred (1950) dollars each.
   We need more info from the OP if we are to more accuratly diagnose
his/her problem.  That's why I proferred the thoughts that I did.

Pete Stanaitis

Eeyore wrote:

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