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Help with Solar Oven article by sci

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Posted by sgotr on March 11, 2006, 7:39 am
The Solar Cookers International has an article (in pdf), "Solar Baking
Under the Sonoran Sun" by Laurie Stone, in which describes the building
of a big solar oven. As the article was written in 1997 I have some
questions about the construction of the oven.

1. I do not think the high temperature for the oven was given and I
would like to know if the solar oven reached 400 degrees or above. If
the solar oven does not reach 400 degrees what could be done in it's
construction so that it would reach the 400 degrees.

2. The article mentions using Everbrite for the reflectors. Are glass
mirrors better for reflectors than the Everbrite. Since 1997 are there
newer materials that would make better reflectors than the Everbrite?

3. The article says that 3/4 inch plywood was used in constructing the
solar oven's frame. Would a higher cooking temperature be obtained if
the frame was built more like a box solar cooker in that one frame
construction is constructed and then another one constructed about 2 or
3 inches bigger than the first one which would sit inside the second
one which is about 2 or 3 inches bigger?

4. The article mentions using PV fans (I think these are solar cells to
run the fans) -"The fans are run by a 6 Volt, 5 Amp module." - if these
are solar cell powered fans information on the types of solar cells to
use and the type of fans. And do you run the fans on all the different
types of meals or just the cookies and pasteries - how about bread

A few questions about cooking with the solar oven described in the

1. Can a 16 inch pizza be cooked with the solar oven?

2. Can frozen foods be cooked with the solar oven such as: frozen pot
pies - like Banquet and other type brands. Frozen TV type dinners.
frozen fish breaded portions - like Gorton's and other types of brands.
Frozen pizzas. Frozen egg rolls. Frozen Boritoes. Frozen fries like
oreda fries.

3. Breads - sence the sun comes in through the glass do you move the
bread after it has cooked for so long so the backside of the bread gets
some sun


Posted by Gooey TARBALLS on March 11, 2006, 6:52 pm
Questions: webmaster@solarcooking.org

Posted by sgotr on March 11, 2006, 8:08 pm
 here's the link to the pdf article


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