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Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on July 23, 2008, 7:23 pm

Easy to say, but it doesn't mean much. Most have lost nothing but some
free time.

If you check the archives, in seconds you can find examples of the
same people (with one exception) having exactly the type of discussion
you'd prefer.

Detailed and well-considered comments on the OP's question have been
posted, most of them by Ron. They include mention of Peukert's
Exponent, a factor that even some experienced hands tend to forget.
The OP can learn from it if he wants, or complain that it's too hard
to tell if he needs 10 or 154 panels, or whine that it's simply too
much work to sort through. But most likely he immediately gave up any
thought of solarizing his pump once he found it that it would cost

You need to pay waaaay closer attention if you haven't learned by now
what it means to be "ghioed". As it happens, years ago when I thought
he was just a well-meaning boob, I too supported him a little. I even
sent Pine an email asking him to lighten up. But it only took me a
short time to learn that George's first, last and always response to
being challenged on his bungling, is to attack those who correct him.
The attacks almost always include bald-faced lies, and no matter how
outrageous they are, he never apologizes for telling them. Ironically,
it was a thread in which he started lying about Ron that made me
decide I'd had enough. I told George to do himself a favor and knock
it off, which was perhaps the best advice he ever got in his life. :-)
Of course, that just made him attack me as well. Why you'd want to
deal with someone like that at any level is beyond me, but there's
certainly nothing preventing you or anyone from doing so. In fact,
here's a suggestion that might help you get up to speed: Email George
and ask him to back up his oft-repeated lie that "wayne copied his
system from a magazine". He won't be able to do it. Then ask him to
apologize. He won't do that either. Perhaps then you'll understand
that one of the reasons that George is still blundering, still
attacking, and still telling lies day in and day out, is that there
are always Pollyannas who are willing to cut him more slack than he
deserves. If not for that unintentional encouragement, perhaps he
might have changed his behavior long ago.

As for what's best for the newbs, they'll have to learn to sort the
wheat from the chaff no matter what they're reading. There are surely
many who'd be better served by informational web sites, but I think
that most can learn to scan posts for facts if they really want to.
And that's not just idle speculation. Back when George was trying to
sell $5 "sizings" and "books" to newbs here, it didn't go very well
for him. Neither does his current strategy of trying to take
discussions private. It seems to me that except in the minds of those
who'd prefer a moderated environment, things are working the way
they're supposed to.


Posted by bealiba on July 24, 2008, 12:58 pm
On Jul 24, 5:23 am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

In your dreams Tweedledum. Why don't you just explain how adding 33%
to the load on panels offsets voltage drop in wire. Oh, sorry, you
can't can you?

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