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How to secure Solar panel to Motorhome roof- Shadows??

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Posted by chris.wilkins10 on June 28, 2005, 1:44 am
I'm going to get a 80 watt solar panel kit for an Autosleeper
motorhome. The kit comes with brackets to glue to the roof.

My question refers to shadows. The roof has a chrome rail around the
edge of the roof. Would the shadow of this at certain times of day
effect the output of the panel and if so by how much? The rail is no
more than about 20mm in diameter.


Posted by CampinGazz on July 3, 2005, 1:16 am

When the sun is at such an angle to sause a shadow from the rails, the
output from the panels will be practicaly zero, so don't worry about it.

I'd be more worried about who ever told you to glue the mounts to the roof,
you'll need to screw them down as well.. find the battons in the roof, and
put the mounts there, or at the very least the front set of mounts.

There's a hell of a lot of wind force at 70 mph trying to rip the panel off
when your on the A1, and i dont think the person behind you the day the
'glue... which i assume will be silkaflex' fails will be that pleased.. nore
will your insurance co.

I've seen a roof rack on a motorhome that was fixed on with just
silkaflex... fure that stuff sticks good, but the van's roof was the usual
alli sheet which is just glued to the polystyrene insulation and wooden
battons that make the structure up with a thin spray of evostic (i saw my
motorhomes body being made)

The silka didn't fail, the the alli sheet did, when the roofrack came off it
tore holes about an inch around the mounting points,

I know the autosleepers do a monocoque fiberglass bodied motorhome range,
but fiberglass can de-laminate when subjected to high stresses in a very
small area... like the usual tiny brackets supplied by the sellers of solar
panels for motorhome mounting in the uk.

I fiixed my 125 watt pannel to the roof of my coachbuily van with some home
made brackets, i just got some 2 x 2 alli angle, cut 4 pieces 1/4 of the
length of the panel, and attatched them to the roof where i could get a very
coarse threaded screw through the wooden battons,
a splodge of sealant before and after the screws went in keeps it all

I then drilled mounting holes in the side of the panels frame to attatch the
angle brackets i'd made to the panel, and bolted them in place.

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