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Just got my Array completed - await final inspection.

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Posted by Martin Eastburn on July 23, 2016, 1:52 am
Wow what a week.  Trenches and holes and nice array.

Awaiting the final checkup by the local hardware people - power company  
(supply) has signed off, the wire/pole/transformers company has to sign off.

I hear there has been some stories on measuring the frequency of the  
inverter and see if the phases align.

If I had my lab equipment - easy as pie.  But now a utility man has his.

Wonder how high tech it will be.  Maybe only waveform inspection.  Might
be x-y circle or oval...  measure RF ? modulation from the switcher ? Hum.

Time will tell, - any stories out there on final check by power company ?


Posted by Lu Wei on July 23, 2016, 2:28 am
On 2016-7-23 9:52, Martin Eastburn wrote:

Do you install the system by yourself or buy service from a company? How
much do you pay?

Lu Wei
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Posted by Martin Eastburn on July 27, 2016, 3:38 am
 I bought the array from Green solar Technologies.
They buy from state of art vendors - e.g. latest solar... etc.

They contract service and have engineers about the country.
They get the array approved to be installed in the first place (supplier  
) and get final inspection once the array is here and then
stand up for the array for 25 years. With facilities (dirt work...)
My ground station was in the middle 30's.  Almost 5 grand was in  
dirt/block for leveling a slope. So low 30's was the array system.

Still awaiting for the final supplier hookup check.  I have had it up
and running - to see but it was just at sundown - sun in the trees and
I generated 300Wh's during the checkout by the installer.  Naturally I  
burn more than that with the lights in the office!


On 7/22/2016 9:28 PM, Lu Wei wrote:

Posted by songbird on July 27, 2016, 11:32 am
 Martin Eastburn wrote:

  you should switch to LEDs as they use so little
power for so many lumens.

  i can light our house for 20-30 watts (three bulbs
on)  and if we want it really bright another 84 watts
by using two 42 watt shop lights (reflected light off
the ceiling).


Posted by Martin Eastburn on October 17, 2016, 3:04 am
 Well the meter man (was a man) installed new software into the meter
and I discussed the double cutoffs outdoors at the Inverter and one  
inside at the breaker panel.

Since then, over a Megawatt Hours has been generated.  Naturally during
cloudy days and rain.  But there have been some nice sky now and then.

Meters, no waveforms.   Measured voltage.  then looked at the array.
He was impressed with the install - pro level - made me feel better.
(must be some slop out there in the area.)


On 7/22/2016 8:52 PM, Martin Eastburn wrote:

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