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Need some guidance to build my own power generation system

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Posted by Phillip on February 6, 2009, 6:12 pm
I posted this in alt.solar.thermal and they recommended I also post here.
And since I am here, how many cPV and non cPV panels and what size would do
what I am looking for?


I live in California (San Fran area)

My electrical usage (kWh) per month is as follows:

1011                  Average (24 month)
627                    Minimun over the last 24 months
1458                  Maximun over the same period

I have gotten 2 quotes for PV panels mounted to the roof and there were
between 35k and 40k.

So I have been doing some research. It looks like a very viable solution is
using 1 or more parabolic troughs, heating oil, to create flash steam and
then this would be powering a tesla turbine, which would then be attached to
a brushless AC generator

I have several issues that need to be resolved before I can start designing
the system.

Ideally, I would like to over produce during the day, and store in batteries
and also feed into the grid.

I would probably add the battery system in a later phase.

I need to find out how large of a system I would need.

I feel that if I spend a little more in the construction of the collector,
it would well pay for it self later on. I would probably create a first
layer mirror by having a polished piece of steel (4ftx8ft), silver plated.
The steel would be fairly thin and therefore easy to work with. I feel that
this would give me the highest effecienty. This would be using the lower
portion of the parabolic curve and thus being faily flat with a focal point
about 8"-12" above the bottom
This would be enclosed in a glass topped case with the focal point aimed at
the oil filled tube.

What I need to do is to try to figure out the size of generator that is
needed, how much power will be needed to produce the power I need, then
working backwards, figure out the size of turbine I should be using, and
then how many collectors I would need.

I know that there are general guidelines and formulas to figure this stuff,
but in all of my research, I have not been able to find this.

A few other peices of info I also need are where would be a good starting
point to have the plates for the turbine laser cut? I am feeling I probably
will be settling on a disk radia of about 10", but need to figure out how
many plates. from my research 10" will develope more HP at a lower RPM, yet
have more torque. Hard to start though...

I know I have asked ALOT, so if you can help with anypart, please let me


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