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Newbie wants to make small solar panel for radios....

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Posted by Twitchell on September 21, 2008, 11:04 pm
I want to make a solar panel to plug into several portable radios of 4.5V and
6V.  The required current between 125-175 mAh.

The cheapest ($.95) cells I can find so far are 1 volt each producing 400 mAh
of current.  More current than I need and they are a bit too large.


I'd be happy to sacrifice current to get some cells that are smaller than this
models 6X9 cm size.

The panel for the radios is being planned to be about 5"X8" total (for all the
cells plus any circuitry).  Any recommendations?  Links?



Posted by N9WOS on September 22, 2008, 1:56 am


You could get them from this place


Or this place


(One 5.5V at 180mA is $ + $sh = $5 each)
(Ten 5.5V at 180ma is $9 + $3.50 = $2.50 = 8.50 each)

Or you could get them from this place


Or you could look around the home improvement stores. Solar powered lights
can be had for less than $.50 a unit in boxes of  8. Each light has a solar
panel in it.

LED Lights that use one AA battery will have a 2V panel (4 cells) at 40 to
60ma. LED Lights that have two AA batteries will have a 4 to 4.5V panel (8
to 9 cells) at 40 to 60ma. Spot/flood lights with  four AA batteries will
usually have a 7V panel (14 cells) that puts out about 150mA

You can usually tell make out the number of cells by looking at the solar
panel on the display model.

Parting out a solar powered garden light/s for the panels would probably
cost more but you get a lot of extra parts to go along with it. LED's AA
nicads and other stuff.

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