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People, nuke the LHC

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Posted by darkenergy@yandex.ru on December 27, 2008, 8:18 am
What is better: to nuke the LHC and CERNs headquarters, or to let the
CERN to explode the Earth and throw out all of us into cosmos, as
seeds of new civilizations?

"Osama bin Laden, please, give me a plane and couple of nuclear bombs.
I'll drop the first bomb at LHC and the second on the CERNs
headquarters. Otherwise, we all will die because CERN want to create
the magnetic trap of Devil."

Magnetic trap is 10^36 times stronger than black hole. People open the
criminal cases against global terrorists.

What will LHC give us: the particle of God, or magnetic trap of Devil.
Magnetic trap is an axial-symmetric magnetic analogue of a black hole.
It is 10^36 stronger than gravitational black hole.
If microscopic magnetic trap will be made in CERN's LHC, the Earth
will be transformed into an infinitely thin emptiness, surrounded by
circular current of 6 meter radius. Compare: Schwarzschild radius of
such mass is 0,009 meters.

Only crazy people can try to create particles with the rest mass more
then 1000 masses of nucleon. Hundreds types of particles can be
created in the region 1000-7000 aum. Most of them will decay, but some
will grow, capturing the ordinary matter. Arrant big-bangers want to
touch the particle of God, but thus, they lead us into the magnetic
trap of Devil.

Stop Tevatron and close the LHC.

Collision energies and bombs:
Several eV  chemical bomb;
Several MeV  nuclear bomb;
Several TeV  hyper bomb. (Example: SN 1987A)

Chemical bomb  change in chemical structure of matter.
Nuclear bomb  change in nuclear structure of matter.
Hyper bomb  transformation of matter into field mc^2 --- > LI^2.

What is Higgs boson?
Mass creating particle of God, or mass destructing magnetic trap of

Idiots say: nucleon consists from three quarks.
I say: nucleon has three poles.

Idiots say: electron is particle with classic radius, r.
I say: electron is a string (quasi-closed circumference), covering all
Universe. In order to run along this whole string electron spends
its classic time, t = 2 pi r / c.

Idiots imagine quark-gluon plasma, as peas in a poke.
I say  idiots, such imagination will lead us to global catastrophe.

What is better: to nuke the LHC and CERNs headquarters, or to let the
CERN to explode the Earth and throw out all of us into cosmos, as
seeds of new civilizations?

Posted by zzbunker@netscape.net on December 27, 2008, 2:00 pm

   Nobody really knows. Since the people with actual engineering
brains stopped
   making anything but Drones, AAVs, AUVs, and Post McDonald's
   for the Washington idiots some time ago.

Posted by gabydewilde on December 27, 2008, 6:28 pm


Posted by PV on December 27, 2008, 7:00 pm
You fool! If you nuke the LHC, all of the stranglet seeds, micro black
holes, magnetic monopoles, and flying pigs that they created during testing
will escape, and we're all DOOMED! *
* PV   something like badgers--something like lizards--and something
       like corkscrews.

Posted by darkenergy@yandex.ru on December 30, 2008, 2:25 pm
 On Dec 27, 10:00pm, pv+use...@pobox.com (PV) wrote:

Happy New Year!
I hope it will not be the Last!
Explode the LHC!

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