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Place for Newbys to see a small Harbor Freight 45 Watt test installation - Page 2

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Posted by lgreenwood on April 6, 2009, 4:01 pm

Hi Pete, Nice work on your webpage.  I used the Harbor Freight setup a
couple of years back to power lighting for a small 10x10 shed when I
lived in North Dakota. The panels, I had three sets, did a good job of
keeping two six volt batteries wired in a series charged as long as I
didn't place much demand on the system beyond lighting.  I did use a
soldering gun a few times.  I gave away the panels and other
components when I moved out of the state.  Now, in my new location, in
Colorado, I am thinking, once again, about setting up a system for
providing light to a small shed.  Lots of sunshine here. For that
purpose the Harbor Freight panels seems to work well. And, as you say,
it was an inexpensive way to gain some knowledge about photovoltaic

Larry Greenwood

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