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Posted by grantrowe@worldofrenewables.co on August 17, 2008, 12:31 am
Please to Announce:

World Renewable Energy Association have launched several new sites
decicated to the Sectors within the Renewable Energy Industry.

www.worldofphotovoltaics.com : News, Events and Forum focusing on the
P.V sector.
www.worldofbioenergy.com : News, Videos, Events and Forum focusing on
the Bio Energy Sector.
www.worldofcogeneration.com : News, Events and Forum focusing on the
Cogeneration/CHP Sector.
www.worldofsolarthermal.co : News, Events and Forum focusing on the ST

These in addition to our current Network:

www.worldofrenewables.com : General News, Tech Zone, Directory, Forum
and Events from around the world.
www.renewableenergyjobs.net : The latest industry Vacancy's from all
www.renewableenergyconferences.com : Latest Conferences World Wide.
www.energyefficiencysavings.com : A comprehensive round up of
Efficiency Knowledge.

Feddback is welcome.

Grant Rowe

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