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Posted by busdweller on October 28, 2008, 2:59 pm
That seems like a pretty good price. Long term if you can swing its a
good investment. I just did a 9856 watt system here in ny and im doing
a 10,036 watt one next month. I got $2,000.00 ( my cost $3,000.00 )
for the 9856 watt system mounted on the ground. They got $5,000.00
back from the power Co. and $,000.00 from the state and $000.00 from
the feds. When considering a PV system you really need to look at it
for the long term value. Ive been totally disconnected from the grid
for about 6 years and im always looking for way to not depend on the
anyone but me and mine to live a good simple life.

Peace along the way
Dennis the bus dweller N.Y.

Posted by Russ in San Diego on October 28, 2008, 5:07 pm

This bid is in the ballpark.

As an owner of a grid-connected, battery-backed PV system in San
Diego, I can tell you that PV is not a good way to reduce your energy
costs -- at least, not yet.  And I knew this BEFORE ordering the
system.  Given current electric tariffs, I probably have another 5 or
6 years to go before hitting break-even on my rebate-reduced cost (I
installed our 4kW system in July, 2001).

I bought our system for the same reason others buy an SUV, sports car,
sailboat, or any other expensive hobby toy.  Because I would find it
to be fun.  And because it would cater to my control freakiness,
providing my own measure of energy independence.

Unless you are far from the grid, it rarely makes financial sense to
install PV.  Perhaps if electricity gets above 40 cents per kWH in
today's dollars and/or PV systems get below $ per watt.

Conservation measures are a much better way to reduce your energy

Posted by Ritesh Lal on November 14, 2008, 9:44 pm
Hi Sac Dave,

Have you considered leasing your solar equipment instead of outright
purchase? I came across this innovative solar power program from folks
at Solarcity http://solarcity.com/solarlease/default.aspx  which I
thought is an interesting alternative to purchasing solar equipment

Disclaimer: I have no commercial or any other relationship with these
folks, just found out about them through a link that wife forwarded.

All equipment upgrades are their responsibility. technology changes
often, so they upgrade it for you, rather than you footing the bill.
Guaranteed up times, and scheduled maintenance.
You can change your mind :) rather than be locked into a decision
after paying thousands of dollars.

Another way to reduce your costs would be make sure that you benefit
from  all the government subsidies. There are several books on amazon
on this topic, although Solarcity takes care of this if go through
them I believe.

 Do let us know what you end up doing on this thread.



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