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Question about RV solar battery charging with vehicle's alternator - Page 3

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Posted by ghio on May 15, 2010, 1:42 pm
wayne's own description of his charger:

I don't have any experience with your type of
setup, but I have something a bit similar - a backup charger using an
automotive alternator outputting 2000W and belt-driven by a small
engine. The stock diodes failed twice before I gave up on them and
built a beefier external rectifier with a fan-cooled heat sink. The
other problems were overheated stator terminals (failed at the crimps)
and relatively short belt life. My advice would be to check the
alternator output at various times when charging the large bank, and
if the amps are high then be on the lookout for the weak links


No overheating.
No failed diodes.
No failed crimps.
No short belt life.

Says it all really.  A simple matter of a complete cockup V's

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