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Posted by Mark Bolton on July 6, 2015, 9:26 pm
Long shot here, not sure if the group is active anymore but..

I have an older Trace SW4024. This is pre schnieder, the 4024 grid tie inve
rter with the LCD display, large menu tree, generator control, etc.

This inverter tanked with an error on the screen of "input relay failure".  
I took the inverter out of service an replaced it with a new Schnieder SW40
24 Conext inverter charger. With very little use (this isnt a permanent res
idence) the Conext has tanked in just under two years. (Just within the war
ranty). Power to the input terminals and it will do nothing, wont start, cl
ick, nothing. Schnieder is asking about lightning but there is an outback c
harge controller and a trace 60amp charge controller in the system that are
 fine. Three LA302DC arrestors in the the system (one on each array and one
 in the powerhouse). They are shipping a new inverter and return lables for
 the old one but now Schieder is apparently have supply issues and are sayi
ng they are out of stock until october. This means this residence will be w
ithout power for three months.

So back to the original SW4024. Is it possible (I know anything is possible
) or I guess I should say realistic to replace the input relay in an older  
SW4024? Anyone ever work on one of these?

Just tossing it out there.

Thanks in advance.

Posted by argusy on July 7, 2015, 7:10 am
On 7/07/2015 6:56 AM, Mark Bolton wrote:

And just where do you live? A local electronics technician may be all you need

Posted by Ron Rosenfeld on July 23, 2015, 1:00 am

Could this technical note possibly be applicable?  http://www.tekrispower.com/pdfs/xantrex/SW%20II%20Welded%20Relay%20Bulletin.pdf  

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