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Posted by Evad Remlu on November 14, 2008, 12:07 pm

This is conventional thinking and generally doesn't apply to Solar Battery
Management where the ability to charge the batteries only exists for a
portion of each day. In solar installations sulphation usually kills
batteries due to chronic undercharging and this can happen in as little as
six months. In solar installations its best to have sufficient panels to
provide battery bulk recharge in 4 hours or less. DOD is not as important as
ROR (rate of recharge) because sulphate being as it is converts back quite
quickly if not left too long in a discharged state. As for charge rates, a
rate of C/4 is quite reasonable as long as tapering begins at around 14.5

Generators are most efficient when run close to maximum output and chargers
should be sized to put near maximum load on the generator when the batteries
are in a discharged state. For a number of reasons its best to run a
generator for the fewest number of hours per day as possible. Unfortunately,
on really cloudy days this means running a minimum of 4 hours to prevent
sulfation. Lead acid batteries require at least 4 hours of essentially full
charge state each day to stay healthy.



Posted by bealiba on November 15, 2008, 3:38 am

So you say. You can believe what ever nonsense you like. My battery
charging from petrol generator is approx 3hr/day for perhaps 5 days
over mid winter. If you need a generator every time there is a cloudy
day then you system is incorrectly designed.

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