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Solar/Battery powered LED lighting

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Posted by James Jackson on April 1, 2007, 1:57 pm
Greetings fellow 'photovoltaic' users,

I have recently put up a small solar panel on my roof. Connected to it I
have a PWM charger/regulator and a 12 Volt Battery.

In the evenings, I am able to turn on my 3 high-power LEDs and illuminate my
livingroom - and part of the kitchen area.

So far - things seem to be working well. During the day, the battery gets
recharged, and in the evening, there is enough charge to power the LEDs for
over 5 hours - with the voltage on the battery rarely dropping below 12.0

For two weeks, we had overcast skies, and so the solar panel was not able to
get full sun, but there was enough trickle-charge put into the battery each
day to allow LED useage in the evenings.

It's cool - and I'm having fun.

I'm working on other ideas to hook into this system, to make it more
useable, too.

Just thought that I'd share. I know that what I'm doing may pale to what
others have done - or are doing - but I am enjoying working and learning how
to use solar panels and batteries.


James Jackson

Posted by PhattyMo on April 2, 2007, 12:31 pm
James Jackson wrote:

Right on!  Ya gotta start somewhere..
I'll warn ya,it's kind of addictive,keep adding on bits-n-pieces,and
before ya know it your whole house will be solar/wind powered!

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