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Solar Guppy Suntie STXR-UPG Give Away

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Posted by Solar Guppy on October 15, 2004, 2:47 pm
Hello to all,

I have a used , Xantrex Suntie STXR-UPG 2500 that I'll be giving away. The
Suntie is a US 240 volts AC , 48 Volt DC grid inter-tie inverter. This is
NOT a stand alone or off grid inverter !

This Suntie is sitting in the garage and needs a good home , its got about 6
months runtime , need to be cleaned up a bit , but should have years of
useful service left.

The guidelines are:

200 words or less
State what your intentions are for the inverter
Agree not to resell for any reason
Need to be a registered SG member

You will be responsible for shipping cost, about 50 bucks anywhere in the US

So for now until Oct 31st, 2004, you can post your essay under the PUT YOUR
ESSAY HERE topic (Under the solar deals forum) , NO new topic please!

At the end of that period, I will review the posted essays and Pick who I
feel is most deserving of the posts for the Free Suntie. As a hint , if your
essay is to use the Suntie for your next boat anchor , your not going to win
, if you say your going to stop world hunger , that ain't going to cut it
Be creative, be honest and maybe you'll be enjoying my Old Suntie STXR-UPG

www.solar-guppy.com/forum ... instructions are in the solar deals forum

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