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Posted by Usenet2007@THE-DOMAIN-IN.SIG on January 23, 2007, 11:58 pm
kkarie@hotmail.com says...

Maybe they hope to sell 20-year bonds?

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Posted by dold on January 24, 2007, 11:15 pm

Someone commented that they had a strange pool of investors from industries
that seemed that they should be anti-solar.  I didn't follow that thought
to confirm it, but there are certain "green" certification programs.

If your company really can't get clean enough to meet some regulation, you
might be able to invest in some other company that is cleaner than it needs
to be.  I think that's the way it goes ;-)

Do a little searching on the New Jersey SRECs.  That might be a package
where a utility company either needs to build a green generator, or buy
SRECs on the open market equivalent to the dollar amount that they were
supposed to invest in a green facility.

There is a certain amlount of jabber on the citizenre web site that makes
me think they are going to leverage such requirements.  Also, by "renting"
their facilites, they seem poised to appear on paper as a single, very
large, generating entity.  That would allow them to get some commercial
rebates and incentives that are limited for residential installations.

It could be a wonderful thing, or a scam... it's hard to tell.
They certainly seem to be MLM and causing a lot of spam in this newsgroup.

Building their own plant would seem to be an unnecessarily large upfront

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by R.H. Allen on January 23, 2007, 7:32 pm
 Tom Catino wrote:

I'd love for somebody to point me to the source of that quote. It's a
great quote and I'd love for it to be authentic, but considering that I
never saw it until recently and I haven't been able to find a source,
I'm beginning to think somebody made it up.

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