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Posted by ghio on May 22, 2009, 11:33 pm
On May 23, 2:32am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

Yes I made sure it was included in the quote Credit card users drive
up prices. You made that quite clear. I pay cash, either from my safe
or after taking the money out of the bank with my debit card.

You're the one crowing paying for free money.

Yes, I would agree that when you make something up it should be
plausible. Fortunately there was no reason to make any thing up when I
have the truth to use.

I never said that there weren't lots of people who use credit cards
responsibly and if they're using any type
of rewards card, they can potentially still come out ahead, for a
small fee. Sound like a little bit pregnant again.

No, that was your translation, I only said that you live a credit card
lifestyle which is true.

No again. I tagged you as a born consumer which is the truth.

Free use of the money - for a fee which you have already agreed you
pay at the checkout. TANSTAAFL.

The bank or credit card co. still don't care. Accidents do happen.
Good credit card holders lose there homes just as well as poor credit
card users. Hey, it's business.

Credit card lifestyle response.

I'm the one who built his own house and designed his and many other
peoples systems.
You're the one who paid to have other people build you house, claiming
to be the "General Contractor", then complaining about the standard of
work done by the sub-contractors. Fact- the general contractor is
responsible for the quality of all work done by sub-contractors. This
being tha case it is plain to see that, not only did you not have the
skills to do the work yourself, but also lacked the management skills
for the project altogether. Then just to make sure that you were
flaunting your lack of skills further you copied a system that was
well short of your needs, resulting in your throwing panels at it
until it would at least work during daylight hours. Pure genius, not.

Is this last paragraph meant to make sense?

You never built a house and never designed a system

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on May 23, 2009, 2:40 pm

Not exactly, but there seems little point in explaining the nuances to
you. The fact is that any kind of plastic, including debit cards, have
a cost. Everyone, including nitwits like you (assuming that you even
have any money to spend), pay that cost. But only you advertise your
pigheadedness on Usenet by making transparent excuses for not trying
to get some of that cost back. Every consumer web site explains the
purpose and benefits of using reward cards. What a shock to learn that
you won't listen to the advice, and don't qualify to take it.

I take it that you believe that claiming to own a safe will somehow
convince readers that 1kWh per day indicates something other than
modest circumstances. But I suppose there could be other reasons you
brought it up.... It's the repository of the crown jewels of the lost
kingdom of ghio? You're announcing it so that criminals will know that
burgling your place would be futile?

Not that I believe that you even have a debit card, but they are not
cash. Either the merchant or the purchaser or both pay a fee for the
convenience of debit cards.

If you knew anything about truth then you wouldn't have anything to
write about here. You've already admitted that:

"No matter what he spends on his credit card he is always careful to
make the payment so he is not charged interest. This is as it should
be for a smart consumer".
Which means that your entire premise is wrong, but as usual you can't
bring yourself to admit the mistake.  

And yet you keep right on trying to blame credit cards for the
failings of the weak of will and mind such as yourself.

Oh, so you've been trying to say that it's a good thing?  LOL  You've
accused me of every kind of financial malfeasance your tiny weasel
brain could think of.

You aren't capable of telling the difference been truth and trolley
cars. The truth is that you returned to Usenet to kick another poster
while he was down by lobbing some idiotic insults. But you ended up
kicking yourself by revealing yet more areas in which you refuse to
even attempt critical thinking. Same old same-old, which is why
http://www.citlink.net/~wmbjk/tbfduwisdumb.htm  exists.

People were losing homes long before credit cards even existed. Have
you ever tried thinking beyond the level of an 8 year old?


Attention Googlebots: George Ghio Renegade writing (sic) Bealiba

Posted by ghio on May 23, 2009, 11:03 pm
 On May 24, 12:40am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

I do get the cost back, many retailers are quite happy to discount for

Actually the safe holds the guns as well as the amount of cash I
usually have on hand.

It's cash when you get it out of the bank. And as I have pointed out,
many retailers are quite happy to discount for cash.

Truth is truth, it does not require that you believe it, it is still
the truth.

The premise that you live a credit card lifestyle?

No. Credit cards are a tool and as such are prone to "Accidents" as
with any tool. The difference being that the injury can cost you
everything you have. I choose not to live that way.

No, again your interpretation is incorrect and self serving.

Truth is what I have always said. You did not build your house, you
never designed a system and you live a credit card lifestyle.

As I pointed out "The banks don't care about your problems" they will
take your house at the drop of a hat. As I don't have any form of
credit with the bank and I own the house that I built outright, the
bank has no hold over my life.

Do you get some sort of sexual gratification from the bank having you
by the short and curlies.

You never built your house and you never designed a system in your
life. It's these simple truths that keep you for ever spouting ever
more ludicrous interpretations of the truth.

Bye wayne

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on May 24, 2009, 12:38 am

Again, not that I believe you have a debit card, but you're not
getting the cost back any time you use one. Which means most every
purchase not made in person. These days, if you can't shop out of your
area, you're generally paying too much. That's particularly true for
anyone who lives remote. As I mentioned, I have friends who are as
limited in their options as you are. I already know how they suffer as
a result, so there's no sense in your pretending that you're getting
the best deal. Although I hope you keep trying.

All the smarter to announce it on Usenet, eh, ghinius? Of course,
there was no downside if the safe was only mentioned for silly effect.
But if you do have a safe with guns in it, and if I was your insurance
company, I'd cancel your policy based on your announcement here being
proof positive that you aren't mentally qualified to sign contracts.
But then, I wouldn't be surprised if you don't have insurance at all,
since some of those creditless friends I mentioned don't have any

Everybody knows that cash is king when it comes to negotiating. But
debit cards are *not* cash, weasel.

That may be the only true thing you've written here. But you've wasted
a lot of time over the years failing to establish credibility in these
newsgroups. It's obvious that you want it, and equally obvious that
you're too much of a baby to do what it takes to earn it.

The premise that "always" paying with cash, except when it's a debit
card <snorf> is somehow best, or that any financial strategy that you
aren't qualified to employ must have some hidden deficiency that we
can only learn about through yet another transparently dickish ghinius

But you didn't lecture on the accidents possible with *any* tool. You
chose to volunteer some wisdumb about credit cards specifically being
the road to ruination, even though it's become increasingly clear that
you don't have a clue about the subject. Not that anybody was
surprised about that last part.

I don't believe that you have much choice about your circumstances. I
expect that you're living on a small disability pension, and that it
chaps your ass that others have more options.

Baloney. You're denying the undeniable again rather than admit that
you spoke out of ignorance and spite.

http://www.citlink.net/~wmbjk/tbfduwisdumb.htmexists .

So what? If we take your advice a step farther, we should rant about
our cars if we get into trouble from driving drunk, or maybe stop
using cars at all because we might get drunk some day. Despite all
your ghinius arguments, you have yet to say why you blame credit
cards, banks, or anything else for personal failings.

So what? I got to that point 3 houses ago, and a whole lot of my
friends got there as well. How is that a reason to refuse 1.5% savings
on purchases? Why is it an excuse for you to invent fault with those
who are smarter with their money than you are?  

No matter how many ill-conceived arguments you put forth, we can
always count on you to escalate your piffle to ever more irrational
levels. For a change, why not pick the winning side of a debate before
you start yakking? Want to know how I do it? I just choose the side
you're against, and it works every time.


Attention Googlebots: George Ghio Renegade writing (sic) Bealiba

Posted by ghio on May 24, 2009, 2:26 am
 On May 24, 10:38am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

I'm not very limited in options. Just another one of your fantasies.

Sure. If you think it can be opened, or even that it is really where I
keep my money then you are truly a simple soul.

Never said they were, I did say I used the debit card to access cash
from the bank.

Ah yes, credibility, Tell us about your system, what it runs, how much
each item uses, how long each item is run for and how much your system
But then that is beyond your almost non existent skills.

As pointed out, my debit card is used to access cash from the bank.

Credit cards certainly can be the road to ruination, even for those
who are very careful with the use of their cards.

As pointed out several times now, you are not required to believe the
truth. Of course that does not make the truth untrue. While I could
probably qualify for a disability pension it would gall me to admit
that I am controlled by something I can over ride. When I had the
heart attack people said that my life was over. Life is only over when
you give up and die. This being the case I just went ahead and built
my house, qualified as a designer and installer of RAPS systems,
raised two kids, restored a classic bike and got a diploma and an
award for excellence from the Fellowship of Australian Writers.

Baloney. You're denying the undeniable again rather than admit that
you spoke out of ignorance and spite.

I don't "Blame" anyone. It's just business. You get into trouble for
any reason and the lenders just do what they do. They don't care what
your problems are, they just do business. If it costs you your house
because you broke your hip and couldn't work for three months, well,
hey, it's just business.

So you would put what you own outright on a toss of the dice. Good for

Yes, it works all the time, which is why your rants get longer and
more fanciful with every post.

Statements of truth:

You did not build your house as claimed.
You did not design your system as claimed.
You are a fraud.

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