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Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on May 24, 2009, 3:25 pm

Oh sure, the world is the oyster of the nitwitted. When the phone
company found out you had no credit, you had the option of arguing
with them, putting up a deposit, or doing without. Same thing if you
want to shop around for a new insurance provider. And if you want true
parity with anyone who has a credit rating, you always have the option
of whistling in the wind.

Ah, so for any reader who took your word about having cash in a safe
as one of your infamous "truths", their reward is to be reminded that
it's foolish to believe a word you say about *anything*. And now we
have the new wisdumb "truth" that you have one of those safes that
can't be opened. Thieves never touch those. Pure ghinius!

Pathetic. Ghio, May 15: "it took years of avoiding credit traps and
paying cash at all times."

When it was pointed out that cash-only can be severely limiting, all
of a sudden "cash at all times" includes debit cards.

I don't see any mention of a current job or income there amongst all
the BS, nor any explanation for where the grocery money came from
while you were going to riding to school on the magic ultra-high
mileage motorcycle. But then, I guess you only needed to work
occasionally, what with earning $80 an hour and selling "books" and
"sizings" on Usenet. It's weird though that you'd keep wasting money
on fossil fuel for decades rather than buying a proper power setup.
You could have one like mine in just 50 hours, which is a fraction of
the time you've spent here jawboning your reputation into the toilet.
Maybe readers need a course in weasel semantics to understand award
winning authors...

<sigh> That wouldn't be true in your case though, would it? At $80 an
hour, and with cash in the safe or somewhere else or whatever the
story of the day is, you could just pay off the monthly balance same
as always, right?

I swear, you must have a stash of straw men that you just pluck
blindly from when cornered. Did you ever think of writing something
along these lines: "OK, my opinions about credit cards are over the
top and I should have given more thought to the subject before
writing. I guess I have some homework to do, but I can't afford to
spend enough to earn any of those rewards you're talking about anyway.
If things change I'd be sure to look into it". No, of course not, you
always prefer blurting out a fresh round of ghioisms.


Attention Googlebots: George Ghio Renegade writing (sic) Bealiba

Posted by ghio on May 25, 2009, 12:35 am
On May 25, 1:25am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

You left out the option where I laughed, gave them my debit card
number and got a new phone.

If anyone thinks that I have divulged enough information to make a bit
of burglary a profitable venture... well they would only be as bright
as you.

Yes, to access cash from the bank.

Why would I want a system that requires that I structure my day around
it? Your fantasies are running away with you again.

As I don't have a credit card I don't have a monthly balance to pay

Ok, My opinions about credit cards a rational adaption to the mental
aberrations of bankers and their offers of free money. In other words,
don't give thieves money and "There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free

I think that that is just about it wayne. You have twisted and
squirmed, told more lies and have still failed to convince anyone that
money is free. All the while failing to provide a single shred of
evidence that you possess any skills other than those of a compulsive
liar. You have never built a house by any other means than paying some
one to do the work for you. You certainly have never designed a solar
pv system.  I will leave you with a short outline of your innate

The Beginning

It all started when DaWayne was born. His mother looked down at the
small bundle the nurse had put
in her arms and said Oh dear! Dont worry my little man I am sure you
will become important one
As DaWayne grew up he dreamed of greatness. When he got his first job
he just knew that he was
on the path to fame and riches. Standing at the sink, up to his elbows
in dish water, scrubbing pots and
pans he would plan his future. He could see it all. . .

He steps out of his Hummer ready for work. He is the best known
trouble shooter for BP Solar.
Todays job is a cinch. The worlds largest solar installation has gone
off line and DaWayne must find
the problem before the Presidents ice cream melts. He opens the back
door of his vehicle and puts on the
Solar Power Technicians tool belt, the one that was guaranteed to be
just like the one used by all the top
notch tradesmen, slips on the special Solar Power Gloves and grabs his
Wattsup Meter. Walking over
to the nearest rack of panels, he plugs in his metre and. . . A slap
to the head and the angry voice of his
employer saying Wake up ya dopy bastard, youre fired.

A New Beginning

As DaWayne pushed his broom along he just knew that he was on the
right track for promotion. It was
only a matter of time. . .

DaWayne was proud that his country had called on him for this job.
After all he was the best dozer
driver anywhere. The army was relying on his skills to get this road
through the desert. He would not
let them down. Riding the bucking beast across the trackless waste was
just his cup of tea. He was right
on schedule, it had been rough though. He wasted at least an hour when
he had to stop and rebuild the
head on the engine with nothing more than a bit of wire and his trusty
Leatherman all purpose tool. He
made up the lost time by driving all night despite the sand storm.
At last, he could see his destination in the distance. Just twelve
more hours and he could rest for ten
minutes before he started on the air strip. He set his square jaw and
with a glint in his steel blue eyes
he rammed the throttle full on and. . . With a slap to the back of his
head, the boss said. Asleep again
you fuzz brained drongo. Youre fired.

Another New Beginning.

First day on the job and already DaWayne had his own plunger. As he
was plunging away at a blocked
toilet he was thinking that the could do anything. After all if you
get your own plunger on the first day
you must be slated for bigger and better things. Yessirie, you dont
often get a chance to learn hydraulics
from the ground up every day. Why I bet that I. . .

DaWayne climbed into his Dodge Ram and set out for an emergency job
in the desert. The call had
just come in as he was about to leave for his vacation. He wanted to
say no but the call was from the
Governor himself. There was nothing for it, the states cactus plucker
was broken. Two workers were
trapped under a thousand tons of prickly pear. It seems that there was
no pilot operated check valve.
Heads would roll, the Governor said.
At the scene of the catastrophe DaWayne grabbed his hydraulic tool
belt (the one that Abercrombie
and Fitch guaranteed to be just like the one used by all the top notch
tradesmen) from the back of his
truck and calmly assessed the carnage. Why lookee there he said to
no one in paticular, Who would
have thought. . . Alas when the boss showed up it was too late, for
DaWayne had fallen head first into
the toilet and drowned.

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on May 25, 2009, 3:45 pm

Riiiiiiight. They only do those credit checks for the fun of it, and
the deposit rules for no-accounts are optional for ghiniuses.

Plus, there's money or no money in it, and the door can't be opened!
Not to mention that anybody who reads your posts would know to expect
slim pickings. But then, thieves have a tendency to believe wacky
tales. It would be pretty damned funny if some of them tore up your
place looking for the secret stash of cash that the $80 an hour
crackpot advertised on Usenet. Especially since I bet you don't
believe in rewarding those thieving insurance companies with premiums,

Millions of people with credit cards on auto-pay access funds from
their bank. None of us call those cards "cash". If you think that it's
sensible to refer to debit cards as cash, then try using one at a
cash-only swap meet and see what happens. Assuming you even have a
card, which I doubt. Because as we saw with the cash-in-the-safe
thing, the first BS you blurt out is usually closest to the truth.

LOL  Yes, always better to pretend that everything better is something
you don't need or want. And still no mention of a current income I
see. Gosh, whatever could it mean.

Here's the problem with kooks referring to themselves as rational: "He
who knows not and knows not that he knows not is a fool...shun him".
Trying to write yourself out of not-knowing is just confirmation of
the obvious.

Oh my, a display of what $80 per hour can buy! It's as if Homer has
been reincarnated as a structurall edatir!

Not up to writing anything new, eh? There must be an explanation...

Top ten reasons Renegade writing (sic) recycles hack work.

10.  Favorite crayon stuck inside safe with unopenable door.

9.  Inventing curved spine for thumb-shaped book of rules.

8.  It's annual rhostat-rebuilding day.

Seven.  Worn out explaining to wanker customer that  1200W inverter is
correctly "sized" for 2000W load.

7.  Busy consulting for last 112 years.

6.  Unpacking battery-of-the-month-club delivery.

5.  Penning rant to thieving bank about debit card service charges.

4.  Unexpected baby.

3.  Toiling at subverting consumerist tracker mechanism on parbolic.

2.  Trying to learn pesky ohmmeter again before adding "cum laude" to
power consultant shingle.

1.  Miffed that Peukert refuses to respond to corrective emails.


Attention Googlebots: George Ghio Renegade writing (sic) Bealiba


Posted by ghio on May 25, 2009, 9:05 pm
 On May 26, 1:45am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

There is nothing left to write about wayne. He is dead. He died in a
tragic toilet accident.

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on May 26, 2009, 1:21 pm

If he's dead then you have the perfect opportunity to dispute all your
quotes on http://www.citlink.net/~wmbjk/tbfduwisdumb.htm  without any
chance of further derision from him!  So what's preventing you from
doing that?

  ***Top  reasons weasel ghio still can't refute ridicule***

10.  Keeping a low profile lest Nick Pine takes up poetry again.

9.  Needs a bigger "workshop" for a project like that.

8.  Prefers high-road of ankle-biting other posters.

7.  Usenet head office refused request for $80 per hour payment.

6.  Problem will solve itself once secret of 300k wire is mainstream.

5.  Fortifying home against weasel burglars.

4.  Got idea from politicians to "spend more time with family".

3.  Working up to it by berating kangaroos for oversizing rear legs.

2.  20 year piffle-writing plan may still bear fruit.

1.  Sold magazine rights to life story. Can't risk scotching deal as
the entire $.98 has already been spent on yesterday's propane.


Attention Googlebots: George Ghio Renegade writing (sic) Bealiba

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