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Posted by ghio on May 17, 2009, 3:44 pm
On May 18, 12:47am, wmbjkREM...@citlink.net wrote:

Not spanked at all, I'm interested in his view on available verses

Posted by wmbjkREMOVE on May 17, 2009, 6:45 pm

The rest of us are probably more interested in seeing nonsense
presented by the only guy in this newsgroup who has the chops to lose
a debate to ghinius george ghio. Your arguments are so full of holes
that it would be a piece of cake for anyone else to make mincemeat out
of them. Meanwhile, the valid points you could have made are MIA.


Posted by Eeyore on May 17, 2009, 8:45 pm

ghio wrote:

Until PV solar panels get really cheap I favour this as a large scale

And it's only any good in areas with high insolation. Where I live December
insolation is 0.52 kW / m2 / day - which is no use for solar at all.


Posted by Eeyore on May 17, 2009, 8:43 pm

wmbjkREMOVE@citlink.net wrote:

By 'available' I mean you've got a panel in your home, or it's easy to get one
installed inexpensively. Please don't try twisting my meaning.

Well, if you want to live out in the boonies as I think you call them, there are
costs to be considered.

$8,000 would buy a nice reliable industrial grade diesel generator.

Any PV solar system will have huge regular recurring battery replacement costs.


Posted by ghio on May 17, 2009, 9:59 pm

I suspect that I know what you meant. I can have a grid connection
anytime I'm ready to part with the cash. And for the money I would get
a great pain in the arse. The guy who was quoted 78K can have a grid
connection anytime he wants it.

But what do you consider "Available" when it comes to cost?

I may be a yank by birth but these days I see no compelling reason to
live there. Out here in Oz it's called the bush, a bit further and you
are beyond the black stump which borders the out back.
There certainly are costs to be considered and they are not all

Yeah, and $2,000 was a nice system.

Hmm, twenty years for a good set of quality batteries @ $,000 dollars
vs twenty years of power bills? I suspect solar would come out ahead
for a lot of people.

People would come to me and say that they were quoted 10K for a grid
connection and expect to get a grid quality solar system for a tenth
the cost. Reality, pay the ten grand for the grid connection.

Not because the price is real cheap but because people who want a grid
quality solar power soloution for a thousand dollars know only
slightly more than wayne about how a PV system really works.

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