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Posted by joeboyce on December 28, 2009, 5:35 pm
Hi everyone.

I wanted to quickly mention that after recently leaving Greentech
Media to focus more exclusively on helping regular Americans learn how
they can learn about the solar industry, I've started to develop a new
online property called www.solarvisionaries.org.

SolarVisionaries.org will focus exclusively on providing the answers
you need to fully understand the way solar  can work in home and small
business applications around the country. We are focused on the
following areas.

1. Providing comprehensive information on what solar really costs in
the current environment, and ways that families and business owners
can adopt solar today without having to pay any more than they
currently do for their energy.

2. Where the industry is developing in the USA, and how you can find
new job opportunities, and take advantage of the local economic
opportunities being created, so that we can all participate in the
financial opportunities rather than leaving them solely in the hands
of large international businesses and banks.

3. Helping people find the most simple, affordable, and proven
providers of solar installation, financing and services, so that if
you're interested in having your own solar power being produced on
your property, it is easily accessible.

Please have a look at the current "pre-launch" version of the website,
and let us know what information is most interesting to you, and what
you feel is the most important information to provide in order to
create a broader, more lucrative market for you to benefit from. We
are actively looking for your feedback, and will be very attentive to
your feedback.

Thank you all for your interest!

-Joe Boyce
Founder - Solar Visionaries

Posted by Chris Dawson on December 28, 2009, 6:27 pm
"In New York both houses vote unanimously to cover the up front cost of

Learn the English language.. "upfront" is one word!

joeboyce wrote:

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