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SopoApps2008 CONTEST

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Posted by zeinajafar on August 21, 2008, 1:53 am
Sopogy, Inc. launches SopoApps 2008 a solar design skills contest
for engineers and announces a total of $0,000 in cash prizes.

Portland, OR  Sopogy, Inc. announced SopoApps 2008, a design skills
contest for engineers, at the National Society of Professional
Engineers (NSPE) annual conference in Portland Oregon.

SopoApps 2008 or Solar Power Applications is a skills contest for
HVAC, Plumbing and Solar engineers.  The contest challenges engineers
to design practical installations using MicroCSP solar technologies in
10 categories including: Process Heating, Thermal Air Conditioning,
Industrial, Commercial, Agriculture, Hospitality, Health Care Power,
Water and Innovation. The contest is designed to help accelerate the
adoption and installation of MicroCSP solar technologies.  All designs
submitted to the contest will be open-sourced and posted online at

The contest period begins August 4, 2008 and runs through October 1,
2008. Judging will be conducted by an independent panel of industry
experts. Key factors in judging include production efficiency, cost,
completeness, and best overall design. A reception will be held at
Solar Power Conference 2008 in San Diego where the winners will be
announced. Top winners in each of the 10 categories will receive

The World needs unique solutions to fight green house gas emissions,
and MicroCSP technologies are one of the best weapons in this battle.
The technology is reliable, quick to install and a proven alternative
to burning natural gas and oil.  We now need the best engineers to
bring MicroCSP technologies to their applications and projects.
SopoApps is designed to do exactly this, said Darren T. Kimura, CEO
of Sopogy, Inc.

For more information and details on the contest terms and conditions
please visit www.sopoapps.org

Additional Background on SopoApps

In the solar thermal industry a key problem behind technology adoption
is the lack of available knowledge in applications engineering.  This
is an industry that has historically been extremely fragmented and
traditional engineering favors conventional fossil fuel technologies.
With global warming and energy issues now a worldwide problem,
SopoApps is designed to become a community for the Worlds best
engineers to help build the future of Heating, Ventilation and Air

To achieve the goal of building the Solar Power Application community,
SopoApps will host its skills contests, forums, events, and form
partnerships with groups such as the National Society of Professional

The philosophy is to share best practices, develop and distribute
system templates to the public free of license, and train and educate
all engineers who want to become a part of the solution.  By working
together and arming engineers with technologies and knowledge, we can
bring clean energy solutions to market today.

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