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Steelex D2863 Fine Riffler Rasp Set, 8-Piece

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Posted by Alcosiba on May 22, 2009, 9:23 am
Image: http:///image.php?id000DD33P
Best deal: http:///index.php?id000DD33P

Steelex offers Coarse, Medium, and Fine riffler rasp sets.  I ordered the Coarse
and the Fine sets.  The Coarse has coarse, very agressive, teeth.  But the fine
set has almost the same coarseness as the Coarse set.  I wanted something almost
consistent with a metal file sort of teeth for final wood carving finishing.
The "fine" set is too coarse for my needs in carving wood.  I am not satisfied
with it.  You get what you pay for. I should have read your reviews before I
bought this.
Rifflers were what I expected. Function as expected. What more could I expect?
Working intricate shapes in hardwood isn't easy.
Pleasant transaction, but no difference      I recently purchased  Woodstock
International H2567 8 pc. Riffler Rasp Set - Fine, 7-1/2" Overall Length
Woodstock,  Woodstock International H2566 8 pc. Riffler Rasp Set - Medium,
7-1/2" Overall Length Woodstock, Woodstock International H2568 8 pc. Riffler
Rasp Set - Coarse, 10" Overall Length Woodstock for a wood carving I was working
on. I wanted the items quickly because I sought to give the carving as a gift
and was glad to see it arrived two days after shipping. Although, I was
disappointed to find they all are about the same in their roughness. I found
myself having to push one of the fine rasps to make it file any of the wood, and
when it did mov,e it would take off more then I wished it to.       I tried to
return the product and was happy to have spoken with an understanding person.
They reimbursed me for my return.      They may be useful for others, but if you
are a relief carving or a detail person then I believe they are not right for
you.     I give Grizzly 5 stars for their services, but 3.5 for their product
I ordered both a medium and a fine set I would not suggest doing this as the
difference between the medium and fine is very small. I had a hard time telling
the difference. This was disappointing. They look to be hand made so there is
some variation from file to file but for the price to be expected. If you are
looking for a good general purpose file set I would order the medium (H2566). If
you really want a fine riffler file set expect to pay a lot more.
These double-ended 8-piece sets in fine, medium and coarse cut teeth have curved
tips in a variety of shapes and profiles.  H2566 and H2567 feature the same
unique profile on each end, while H2568 has different profiles on each end for a
total of 16 shaping options to choose from.  Perfect for wood carvers and
restoration specialists.


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