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Surrette Battery Sale

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Posted by brian on March 2, 2009, 8:56 pm
I though I would share the details of our Surrette Battery Sale with
the newsgroup.
We are Alaska's largest distributor of Rolls/Surrette solar batteries.
For a limited time we are offering our entire line of Rolls Surrette
Batteries at unbeatable prices. These are brand new batteries shipped
directly from the manufacturer to your door. Please call us at (907)
561-7941 OR (907)244-8030 for an exact quote. Shipping is free with a
minimum order of 2000 pounds for deliveries east of the Mississippi,
4000 pound minimum for free shipping west of the Mississippi. Orders
less than these minimums will be prorated. Some additional charges for
export crating, dry shipment, lift gate delivery truck or residential
delivery. Please Call for detailed quote.

Rolls Surrette S-530 6 volt Battery $89.00
Rolls Surrette 2-KS-33PS 2 volt Battery $06.00
Rolls Surrette 2-YS-31PS 2 volt Battery $078.00
Rolls Surrette 4-KS-25PS 4 volt Battery $119.00
Rolls Surrette 6-CS-25PS 6 volt Battery $002.00
Rolls Surrette 8-CS-17PS 8 volt Battery $39.00

These prices are significantly less than I have found online for
surrette batteries.
please visit us online at www.renewableenergysys.com

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