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Switching to Solar power with no upfront cost should make it available to almost everybody

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Posted by SteveSolar911 on January 16, 2007, 8:35 pm
Been reading about this company so I decided to go ahead and join them,
after all, it's about the end result and getting folks to switch to
solar is a good thing. Most of us would probably switch to solar power
tomorrow if it were available and made financial sense to our
pocketbook and if there's one reason environmentally inclined folks
don't get solar panels, it's the cost, which can run into the
thousands of dollars for the average homeowner.
Now, a company is offering to install photovoltaic panels on individual
homes for the minuscule price of a security deposit, which averages
$00 not payable until just before installation.

The Citizenre Corporation (USA only right now) is offering homeowners
its REnU program. Homeowners sign a contract with Citizenre for one,
five or 25 years (during the life of the contract the "rent" paid is
equal to the amount of electricity the panels create and the customer
locks in the KW price at their 2005 rate and it never goes up no matter
how much energy costs rise).
The company provides, installs and maintains the photovoltaic system.

I hope we can all realize the possibility of solar energy and this
company seems to have an answer as right now there is no motivation for
a home owner to pay out the huge dollars to install a solar system and
wait 10-15 years to break even.

Citizenre is offering this program in areas where the utility company
offers net-metering.
Net-metering means the homeowner gets credit from the utility company
for any excess power the photovoltaic panels produce. For more details
about Citizenre's REnU program, see its website.

Become a customer or learn more about it - Go to:
Watch the Ed Begley Jr. video clip.

In addition Citizenre is  looking for people who want to be sales
associates (eco-preneurs).
Nothing to buy...........ever! and no fees or anything to pay.
Sellers get commissions on installations and a whopping 5% of the
electric bill for 25 years as a residual.
Go to : http://www.powur.com/911  for more information.
Click where it says "Listen"

Posted by dold on January 16, 2007, 8:57 pm

Another post, different poster, same story.
Citizenre should advise their associates that this is considered spam, and
casts ill will toward their project which might otherwise be viable.

You might also be interested in
which seems like a good idea, and relies on independent sales consultants.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by N9WOS on January 16, 2007, 10:27 pm

My conspiracy theory mode has just been turned on.....

The same as the "Free Solar Energy Deals  Solar Energy Installed Free."

And I remember seeing something that sounded exactly like that a while ago,
on a website I looked up.

Ya.... I remember now. The person that was asking about long dc runs on a
150KW system.

I was wondering why he never responded, so I was doing a little digging.
His email address was dave@sunfarmnetwork.com
I checked on the website www.sunfarmnetwork.com and come across a deal that
looked exactly like that.

Yap..... The solar PAYS offer.
Intro:  The Sun Farm Network has pioneered a new program that makes solar
power available to more people.   Our Solar PAYS(SM) program makes it as
easy to generate your own solar electricity as it is to buy power from your
local utility, only its cleaner and less expensive!

 Use the menu links above to explore these aspects of the Sun Farm Network

Equipment:  We will assess your home and power needs, and design a
customized system that is optimized for your situation.   We will provide
all required equipment and installation labor.

Payment Plan:  We provide a payment plan that requires a modest downpayment
and monthly installment payments based on system production.  You pay for
your solar equipment out of the cost savings you realize through reduced
utility bills!

Convenience:  We take all the hassle out of the installation process,  and
your system will be remotely monitored for performance so we can make sure
that your system delivers as promised.

Worry Free:  We provide an all inclusive 5-year warranty for parts and labor
on the system, and a one-stop support and maintenance program for the rest
of your 20-year term.   And our "risk reduction program" will help address
any long term concerns you may have about the equipment and its installation
on your home.
.....................end quote............

I did a goggle search to se where else he had been posting, and the only
other posts I found, was thread starts, with no follow up replies. Like the
long DC runs thread.

Hmmmm........ I also remember a person posting a similar thread a long time

Fenix 999
Components for middle tension grid conection
23 Jan 2005
Hello, Can some one tell me all the components necessary for a photovoltaic
(250 kW) grid connection in mid tension? What you guys think it is the best
photovoltaic module in the market? Many thanks, Ricardo
................end quote............

He had the same pattern, a couple different thread starts, with no follow
ups on different groups, and never heard from again.

I have an odd feeling that they are all connected, I may be crazy, but it's
feels that way to me.

I have looked at the headers, and three of them have some form of mozilla as
the browser, and the long dc runs thread had Microsoft OLE

Looks like a person, or group of people, with many different web sites,
running an organized attempt at spamming using many different aliases.

Posted by dold on January 16, 2007, 11:49 pm
I wouldn't go that far, maybe pump and dump, maybe legitimate but
unproven...  certainly multiple posters/users/agents that pay no attention
to the fact that they are all pointing to the same solution web site.

That's too much of a stretch for me, but these recent ones all point to
citzenre.  Maybe you think that because you think it is a scam on the face
of it.  I don't.  I think it could work, because of subsidies available in
certain electricity markets.

I can believe they are all different people, thinking they get to make a
buck for pointing you to a web site, and offering no other value add.

Oh, wait, that's an approved business model for "associates" with a lot of
web sites...

If the company behind it all were selling Kyocera panels and Fronius
inverters, I could believe it would come to fruition, but these guys don't
have a PV manufacturing facility yet.  They are going to be one of the
largest manufacturers in the world, according to their web site, building
PV panels that each have an AC inverter on the back.

If they used existing hardware, they would be installing today, racking up
the excess net metering money, and accumulating SRECs, while the homeowners
were content with having frozen their electric rates at 2005 pricing, with
no upfront investment.

Instead they have a content free web site encouraging you to sign up as an
agent to sell the future.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5

Posted by georgek on January 18, 2007, 7:36 am
 Renting Solar Power Systems has worked for multi-unit buildings such as
found in Europe due to the fact that that is the only way you can place
a solar system to such a building and not have 30 or more owners fight
over roof or side-of-the building space.

I do not believe it will work here in the US. The reason is that by
renting such a system you may not have to pay upfront cost and you
still lock the electricity rate,... but one gives up many other
benefits in state and federal tax incentives. In addition, by renting a
solar system one gives up REC's (renewable energy certificates) that
could be soon sold in an open market (UK already does it along with
some other EU countries). In the states, Arizona, California, Colorado
and many states to come will start honoring REC's and the markets for
REC's will be created.

Would you like to give all those benefits, thinking that they will give
you the solar power system for nothing?

Besides, Americans like to own rather than rent...so that we can
increase the value of our homes, take a loan to finance the system and
in return get some tax deductions (oh...more benefits), and if we are a
little hands-on, we even go the extra mile and install the system
ourselves...gather the kids around...teach them a thing or two...and
show what we as parents do for their future and their kids future!

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