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Posted by Eve-EarthCharterFoundation on September 11, 2008, 5:16 am
A flurry of extreme storms in the Atlantic is a clear sign that this
year's six-month hurricane season will be ferocious but not as severe
as in 2005 when 28 tropical storms, including Katrina, barreled across
the Atlantic and Caribbean.

Tropical Storm Hanna has flooded Haiti causing severe mudslides and
killing 136 people.

Hurricane Ike is now heading towards the Bahamas and threatening the
US east coast. Ike weakened slightly yesterday after first developing
from a tropical storm and then quickly building in intensity to a
Category 4 hurricane.

Meanwhile tropical storm Josephine is western bound behind Ike but is
showing some signs of weakening.

The trio of extreme storms follows the devastation of Hurricane Gustav
which hit Louisiana coast west of New Orleans.

Gonaives, the third largest city in Haiti, remains mostly flooded with
many residents stranded on their rooftops for two days.

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Posted by hhc314 on September 14, 2008, 1:00 am
On Sep 11, 1:16am, Eve-EarthCharterFoundation

Fortunately climate change has not yet come full circle and equaled
that present in 1900, when the Galveston Hurricane  killed over 8,000
people and leveled the entire city. By contrast, today's storms are
rather wimpy.


Harry C.

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