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Technical question on Converting a Home Electrical System to Solar - Page 2

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Posted by m II on February 18, 2011, 9:56 pm

"Edlikestoboogie"  wrote in message

Hey I have a technical question. Im building a battery solar system.

I would like to figure out how many 12v car lead acid batteries @ 100
amp hours with 500 cranking amps rating it would take to power a
household using an average of 100 KVA per day. I will be using 48v or
96vdc 200watt solar panels and converting thru a 5000 watt dc to dc
inverter to 12vdc to charge batteries. I will then invert power back
thru a 5000watt dc/ac to 110Vac. What are your thoughts. Thanks


Just stay on the grid and send me that $0K you will spend on a system like
that. I will pay your electrical bills for ten years in return.

mike (the reeled one)

Posted by stevey on February 22, 2011, 11:17 am
Roughly speaking,  your question is in-complete. 100 KVA is an AC
power rating.
You need to specify how much electricity --kWh's is used on the
average.  If we
assume you meant 100kWh per day, that translates to $50 per month
billing in
California. Your inverter capacity maybe insufficient for your peak
load.  A 10 KW
inverter would be recommended.  You'll need 8 such batteries, of the
deep discharge
type,  configured in 2 strings of 4, or equivalent.  Each battery
provides 1.2KWh,
giving you 96kWh, assuming no efficiency loss. More realistically, 12
batteries will
comfortably supply your energy need, since you don't want to discharge
too deeply.
Maintaining such a system is not a trivial task.
Good Luck,

Posted by hallerb@aol.com on February 27, 2011, 10:28 pm
What part of the country is the OP in? desert southwest is betterthan
cloudy pittsburgh.

and what loads does OP going to be running? electric stoves electric
dryers and electrical resistence heat will be killers.....

plus batteries dont last forever

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