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The scary mathematics behind energy depletion and population growth

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Posted by GreenLifeInnovators on November 16, 2009, 5:08 pm
Dear fellow "greenies"

Recently I came across a series of 8 video-clips on YouTube showing a
lecture with Dr Albert Bartlett, Professor Emeritus in physics at the
University of Boulder, Colorado about arithmetic, population growth
and energy depletion. Usually a lecture by an old professor in front
of a group of students is not something one would consider to be a
terrifying experience. But this perspective, that he is communicating,
really is.

Not only does Dr Bartlett explain why we are in much bigger trouble
than most people think. He also explains why the nature of exponential
growth is such, that we will not see the problems until a very short
time until we run into them. This lecture goes to the very core of our
challenges ahead.

You don't have to possess university level skills in mathematics to
follow his lines of reasoning, but below high school level you would
probably not get too much out of it.

For your convenience, we have embedded all of the 8 video clips on one
page on our blog. You can find them here:


If you, like we do, find the message that Dr Bartlett delivers in this
video of the utmost importance to the human race, then please do not
keep it to yourself, but share the information about this lecture with
friends and acquaintances, through email, online forums and social
media. Yea, and write to your politicians and the media about it

Kind regards
Vidar Kristiansen
Green Life Innovators - Green tech the Open Source way

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