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Trace SW4024 AC inputs are both shorted to ground.

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Posted by tagamutt2@yahoo.com on June 4, 2020, 2:10 am
I’m grid tied (not selling, just using it as a backup charging sour
ce. I had a problem overnight...  not 100% sure, but a rat may have been in
volved. I woke this morning To a Gen start error and no “AC1 in Goo
d” blinking. We’ve been doing well with the solar charging,
 but we have a rainy week ahead.  
When I got home from work I took a #8 heavy gauge extension cord and ran it
 in as a temporary fix. As soon as I connected it it blew the circuit break
er. I disconnected everything and traced back to find nothing shorted throu
gh the extension cord. I tried connecting to the “AC2 in” A
nd that blew the circuit breaker as well. I disconnected everything, turned
 the inverter off and disconnected it from the battery. I tested to insure  
I didn’t have any residual power (I didn’t), then put the o
hm meter between neutral and ground (shorted, as it should be) then, when I
 tested hot to ground - on both inputs - that was shorted, as well!  
Any thoughts?

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