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Trouble charging my Xantrex XW4024 using a Honda EU6500is inverter generator

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Posted by Glia on November 30, 2008, 1:51 am
Has anyone had any experience with this. I am using a XW4024 inverter
charger from Xantrex. Nice unit, I am really happy with it. My generac
generator that I use as a backup finally gave up. So my wife talked me
into getting something quiet so I spend $400 on the top of the line
Honda EU6500is generator, a 5500Watt rated inverter generator that
rpoduces 240V. It does do a fine job when I load it down with all
kinds of appliances running in pass-through mode. However, when the
charger kicks in it disengages after a few seconds when it reahces
baout 50A of charging current. At this point the unit has may be
2000Watt load on it. I dropped the charging percentage to 50%. It
still has a hard time. From time to time it catches. In other words,
it cannot charge the Xantrex not even at 1500Wayys but it can run
5000Watt of appliance with a true sine wave. Anyone have any idea?
Should I put a balancing transformer inbetween?

Posted by Bruce in alaska on November 30, 2008, 9:22 pm
In article

The 4024 is a 120 Vac input machine so you can expect only to get 2625
Watts of power out of each Leg of you 120/240 Vac Genset, MAXIMUM, and
since these units are very touchie about how they deal with unbalanced
loads, I would expect what is happening to you to be the case.  You
could mitigate the system by using a load balancing Transformer with
a 240 Vac Primary and a Double 120 Vac Secondary, wired in Parallel,
with Correct Phasing. Expect to get some loses thru the Transformer,
maybe as high as 10%, but your Honda EU6500i will like the balanced load,
a LOT Better.....

Bruce in alaska
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Posted by Glia on December 2, 2008, 4:26 am
The XW4024 is actually a split 120/240 system and should draw equally
from both legs. However, you may be right that a balancing transformer
may still be helpful.

Posted by Glia on January 5, 2009, 2:51 am
In case anyone else has this problem, I found the solution. The setup
works well if you disable the Gen-support feature. It charges and
supplies the extra power to the house. However, if you draw more than
the Genie can handle it switches to battery rather than supporting the
extra load. Called Honda, called Xantrex, both have not come up with a

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