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Posted by rndyvlkr on April 14, 2010, 4:24 pm
I am considering using Unirac Clicksys mounting system to mount a
small PV system on my roof.  I am planning on using 3" standoffs and
PV quickmount flashing.

My question is with Clicksys.  Some folks have mentioned that they are
no good unless the roof is perfectly level.  Has anyone had any
problem with Clicksys because of a wavy roof?

I understand that Solar Mount (unirac's heavier mounting product) is
fairly adjustable (with two different mounting bolt holes rather than
Clicksys's single mounting hole).   Is it really that much difference
on the actual install.

Does the cost benefit and speed of installation make up for this lack
of adjustability?

You can see an overview of the clicksys system here:
http://simpleenergyworks.com/blog/?p $

Let me know,


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