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Welding Cable 1/0 awg

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Posted by SHb on July 2, 2005, 5:01 pm

Welding Cable 1/0 AWG<br>200 Feet"

Will cut to requested lengths

Name on Cable is  "Anchor Brand Welding Cable    1/0 AWG     600V     40Deg"

Stranded Copper Wire with Black Jacket

`Brand New` Old Stock

E Mail Zip Code for Shipping Quote.

Please E Mail offers or any questions

Posted by tkc on July 2, 2005, 10:49 pm
25 feet.
zip 48082
How Much?

Do you have Lugs for this cable?


Posted by Steve Spence on July 2, 2005, 10:57 pm
 please don't encourage spammers. commercial sales are not allowed on
this group. take it offline.

Steve Spence
Dir., Green Trust

Contributing Editor

tkc wrote:

Posted by tkc on July 3, 2005, 8:01 pm
 Well thank You ALT SOLAR PHOTOVOLTAIC member for your input in the form
of a Public Rebuke.

As a newcomer to this newsgroup I was not aware of the no sales policy.

Doing google searches for sale solar was unsuccessful.
I also observe wants and forsale items posted as well.

A simple courteous ` e mail`  notice from a caring members would have
sufficed as opposed to the public Obfuscation (warning) to me and the
insult you so carefully crafted toward the Poster (aka seller).

I am sure the poster meant no harm and was ignorant of the policy as
We have since communicated via private e mail as I probably should have

Also very impressed with the rebuker taking time to impress us with his
Directorship Title, name and org and even his Contributing Editorship.
His Himness is very big time and I am sure a real asset to HIMSELF and
maybe even this newsgroup.

I shall not visit this group very much after this bit of prosaic
truculence perpetuated in the form of a disturbing sniping and nit
picking episodic adventure.

~~~The great Unwashed Have Become the Great Unscathed~~~

Posted by John P Bengi on July 3, 2005, 9:36 pm
 There is no policy on this newsgroup, none posted, no consensus taken, only
control freaks going bankrupt.

Forget about it. The sales pitch was welcome bu most and therefore not
"unsolicited" and not "spam"

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