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Posted by PV Dude on July 15, 2005, 4:54 am
Man alive!  I love this hobby... How can anyone not help but feel impressed when
looking at a small
collection of 2' x 4' flat panels just soaking up the rays... who's dark blue
surface is sucking up
all those photon-thing-a-ma-dingies and spitting out them electron-yahooies.
All that science and
physics involved would win over any techno-geek, even the anal-retentive
anti-enviro's should like
these babies.  The plug and play makes any windoze computer pale by comparison.
The price tag
leaves a little bit to be desired.. but then, list a hobby that isn't expensive,
am I right? huh..?
am I..?  And when you have your first power grid failure and you're sitting
there in your living
room, drinking beer and watching the hockey game or some backstabbing losers
vote each other off
some godforsaken island, you gotta admit that smug feeling you get that your
neighbors are in the
dark huddling around a candle cursing the "guvment" or power company, it gives
you a sense of
superiority and power! hehheh! c'mon admit it.. you know it's true.  Now
suddenly that price tag
becomes transparent.

You know how it is.. you buy a cheap thin film PV and charge a few AA
batteries.... kinda neat.  So
you venture into something a bit bigger and "hard-core"... you pick up a 50 watt
panel.. one of those mono-sodium-glutamate  uh.. monocrystalline ones.  No
matter, now you're
getting AMPS, not some piddly-a$$ed Milly-amps.  We're talking real man-thunder
of the gods-power
here now!  But gotta get a bigger battery to store all them electron-thingies...
zip on down to
Wally world pick up an RV deep cycle.. whoa, whattaya know, they got some o'
them 300 watt car
inverters on sale too.  Snatch one up and take it home.  That evening you're
sitting there reading
about suppressed nuke accidents while being bathed by light from a solar powered
compact-fluorescent.  Wowee!  Freedom..!  This stuff really works.. gotta get
more!  And so it goes
from there... pv addiction is incurable, too bad, deal with it.

Sure, the learning curve may be a bit forbidding... but it can be interesting.
Especially when you
happen to hear that smoke detector you just installed in the small shed where
you store the
batteries is loudly beeping away.  And that rush you experience as you go
running over to check out
what the heck is goin' on and open the door to find the wires from the charge
controller glowing a
wonderful warm white light!!  And you hear that crackling sound of them
electron-thingies... and all
that smoke wafting about... it really is quite the thrill.  I'm not sure what
kind of thrill i'd
classify it but it is a thrill none-the-less.

So after yanking all the wires off the battery posts and get things settled
down, you stand there
thankfull that you got there just in time before the batteries gave you your own
version of the
"China Syndrome" and burned down your house... taking all your other expensive
hobbies and fridge
full of beer with it.  Whew!  Close one..

Of course, none of this would have happened if ya had spent a couple extra buck$
and fused every


Posted by William Stacy on July 15, 2005, 5:04 pm

PV Dude wrote: (a very funny piece), but:

down, you stand there

own version of the

hobbies and fridge

I'm just thinking about tasting the forbidden fruit of PV world, and I
can see it becoming a real addiction, and only know a little bit, but
enough to think that doing that "yanking"  could spark a little H2 and
O2 exothermic reaction in that little shed that just might cure you



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