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Wireing solar system..

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Posted by merlin-7 on January 10, 2007, 12:14 am
 I understand most of the wireing but am a bit confused on a few things.
 This is NOT a grid tied system.
 Ok here goes..

 The solar panels frames need to be grounded to earth and also need to have
a disconnect..
 Do the panels them selfs need to be fused?
 Does the disconnect need to be outside of can it be inside?

 The charge controller.
 Does it need to be fused to the battery bank?

 The inverter needs to be grounded to earth with a fuse going to the battery
 Do you need a disconnect between the battery bank and inverter?

 I have also read that the negitive side of the battery bank should go to
earth ground.
 Is this correct?

Thanks joe KI4ILB

Posted by Solar Bus Driver on January 10, 2007, 4:49 am
a few guidelines below may help u.

you do not need fuses between each panel.

disconnect can be either inside or out

as a general rule, put a fuse between EVERYTHING.
DEFINITELY YES between the controller and the battery.  in fact, NOTHING
should be directly connected to the battery.  you should have a MAIN fuse on
the battery, and as well fuses and switches on just about everything going
in and out.

Need?  I believe technically the Code does call for a switch there.  But you
wouldn't be the first without one, because those switches can get expensive.
Definitely make sure you put a fuse there, that can handle the high amperage
of your inverter, and also make sure it's DC rated.

you should be able to find a wiring schematic you can follow online
somewhere. the systems are pretty "generic."  the manuals that come with the
various parts of the system should have a schematic you can follow.

good luck with your system


a solar energy education project on wheels

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