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a nano breakthrough

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Posted by Foo Fighter on March 27, 2011, 7:08 pm
According to Lusk, "We can now design nanostructured materials that
generate more than one exciton from a single photon of light, putting to
good use a large portion of the energy that would otherwise just heat up
a solar cell."
The research team, which includes participation from the National
Renewable Energy Laboratory, is part of the NSF-funded Renewable Energy
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at the Colorado School
of Mines in Golden, Colo. The center focuses on materials and
innovations that will significantly impact renewable energy
technologies. Harnessing the unique properties of nanostructured
materials to enhance the performance of solar panels is an area of
particular interest to the center.
"These results are exciting because they go far towards resolving a
long-standing debate within the field," said Mary Galvin, a program
director for the Division of Materials Research at NSF. "Equally
important, they will contribute to establishment of new design
techniques that can be used to make more efficient solar cells."
fo mo;
Karma, What a concept!

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