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Posted by Eeyore on January 17, 2009, 9:51 am

Slick wrote:

Maybe he realised he was being sold a pup ? Still, a reply would have been


Posted by dold on January 17, 2009, 9:32 pm

Not one of those posts said that $2,000 was too high of a price for the
system he was considering.  That might have been the end of the story for

My installer assigned the rebates to himself, so I didn't have to pay and
then get the rebate later.  I was talking to a contractor in my area, and
he doesn't do that.  He charges full price, and let's the buyer process the
rebate.  That could cause the sale to be unattractive.

Whether the system would have been viable in the long term is a point where
Eeyore and I will disagree, but I can presume is is as correct about his
location as I am about mine.

Clarence A Dold - Hidden Valley Lake, CA, USA  GPS: 38.8,-122.5
http://cdold.home.mchsi.com/Solar-generation.htm  $775 avoided in 2008

Posted by busdweller on January 20, 2009, 1:20 pm
 " He charges full price, and let's the buyer process the
rebate "

I do installs the same way but I do ok. I've been able to supply and
install good quality systems for under $.00 per watt. I us either
sharp 175, 216 or 224 watt panels and SMA Sunny Boy inverters mounted
on Uni-rac. I dont advertise and all of the people I do them for have
already made the decision to spend the money so there ok waiting
putting out the money and waiting for there rebate to come. Ive never
had a unsuccessful job so they always tell a friend so I do8 or 10
systems a year. Im in Suffolk county N.Y. so there is big money
coming back to the home owner. For instance, Ill be doing a big one
at the end of February thats 10,318 watts it consist of 18 / Sharp
175s and 32 / Sharp 224s with 1/ 3000, 1 / 4000 and 1 / 5000 SMA
Sunny boy inverters. Her cost installed is $1,477.00 The power Co. is
giving her a CASH rebate of $5,000.00 the state is giving a
$,000.00 tax brake and now that the feds lifted the cap to a full 30%
of her installed cost she will get a tax brake of $1,120.00 so that
brings her out of pocket cost to $0,357.00 and if all goes well she
should make about 12,000 kw per year so thats about $600.00 so in
about 5 years shell be KICKIN THE GORILLA After installing quite a
few systems now its my thoughts that most home owners could sit down
with the manuals and get the job done ( at least the grunt work ) The
2 toughest parts are poking 50 or 100 holes in a roof that dont leak
and have it still not leak }:o)
The other that might be scary is hooking up the inverters and then to
the electric service but if you find a local electrician he may be ok
with you installing the system and he checks the system and does the
hook up. Just my 2 cents

Peace along the way
Dennis the bus dweller N.Y.

Posted by stevey on January 21, 2009, 1:42 am
 On Dec 31 2008, 8:59am, ashleyes...@msn.com wrote:

Sunpower may be considered the premium brand in solar panels, since
have the highest efficiency at nearly 20%.
Sunpower's smallest panel is rated at 210Wdc.  27x210=5670W, that
to just over $ per watt less rebates.  It seems reasonable to me, but
not be the lowest price you can get; depending on your roof's design
composition.  There may be large variations in labor and material
in mounting a sola array on a roof.

Good Luck,
Steve -solarMD

Posted by Eeyore on January 21, 2009, 2:35 am

stevey wrote:

You mean other peoples money they paid in taxes. Hardly fair is it ?


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