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solar security lights - Harbor Freight

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Posted by Mark Fields on April 17, 2009, 12:59 am
OK, here's the backgorund for my question.

I bought a Harbor Freight Model 93661 solar powered security light which
uses a 10 watt Quartz Halogen bulb.  Works OK for my needs.  It's attached
to a small shed in the backyard (fenced) and lights up when I let the dogs
out and need to see where they are.  Price was good too about $0 but I
bought it a year ago it might have been discounted.  It even worked well all
winter when sometimes the sun was low and the light hitting the panel was
blocked sometimes in teh daytime by a nearby spruce tree.

I have been looking for additional lights to install and noticed the model
98085 is now being sold with 36 LED's at a total of 2.2 watts.  The price is
actually less, about $5 compared to the model 93661.

Does anyone know whether the light output of the 25 LED's will be equal to
the 10 watt Halogen?  I also notice the storage of the 93661 is 1300 mAh
where the 98085 is 600 mAh.

Or is there another inexpensive setup I could get out there even a circuit
description and a parts list that might work even better?  I'm looking to
keep the delievered cost at less than $0 or so.  I would install myself.
No other place I have found has come close to Harbor Freight's prices.


Posted by Martin Riddle on April 17, 2009, 2:13 am
Halogens are hard to beat.
I doubt the LEDs are of any quality to be bright enough.
If they are not CREE leds then dont bother.
Heres an example
<(Amazon.com product link shortened)


Posted by Eeyore on April 17, 2009, 12:16 pm

Mark Fields wrote:

You'll need to ask them. LEDs vary greatly in luminous efficiency. Really ALL
lighting should be rated in lumens, not watts for the output.


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