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A brain teaser question about solar energy ?

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Posted by FukUSpamer@fukspamer.com on July 4, 2006, 3:59 am
Here is a small puzzle for you genius ppls:

Throw your best shot......

Our company is involved in a charity work in a thrid world country.  Its a
small village with no electricity. Water is available, sun is avaialble year
round, no rain, temperature hitting around 100 -120 F every day.

We don't want to use solar panels

Local Resources:
Which in this case is Sun, water and extreamly high atmosphere temperature
on the ground

How to use sun light, high temperature, and water to make the life a lil
confortable for local population ?

1. Use sun light to heat water that can run tubine to generate electricity ?
2. How about using heated water to cool the home ? like passing the steam in
an expansion valve (just an idea) Don't laugh ...... lol. I am not a expert.
3. Any other idea ? Remember basic ingrediant are 3 as listed above.

Posted by Solar Flare on July 4, 2006, 10:20 pm
All those options would use "solar panels"

Call them "spirit blessing gatherers"

Posted by FukUSpamer@fukspamer.com on July 6, 2006, 12:27 am

Sun Light, Hot Temperature and water are kinda free ingredients from nature
and we are exploring ideas how to best use it.
Solar chimney is certainly one good idea that we need to explore more. How
efficient and practical is it ? Any one tried it any success so far ?

Solar is easy solution we know it and thats why we are not using it cauz we
wanna use this opportunity to test some thing else if non available then as
a last resort  we will go for solar panels. I am sure we have lot of genius
ppls here and some one will come up with some genius idea and here we have
the platform ready for experiment. Just consider for a moment that solar
panels are not existed and we have 3 natural ingredients in hand ....... how
we utilized  those 3 things ? to generate some thing  ..... thats a million
dollars question.

Its tough but lets give it a shot.... throw your wild ideas  here and lets
discuss the viability of it.

Posted by Rob Dekker on July 6, 2006, 10:06 pm

and we are exploring ideas how to best use it.

efficient and practical is it ? Any one tried it any

Yes. It has been built. It works, but it has to be LARGE (think km's in size) to
be somewhat efficient.

If you have a LOT of water available (even salt water) than check this out. It's
the 'opposite' of a solar chimney :

Provides electricity and a nice cool breeze.

Downside : nobody has built one yet.

Posted by Tamar on July 5, 2006, 2:25 pm
 You should look into stirling engines. Why don't you want to use solar
panels? The technology is readily available, more so than residential
sized stirling engines.

FukUSpamer@fukspamer.com wrote:

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