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A brain teaser question about solar energy ? - Page 2

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Posted by Jeff on July 5, 2006, 4:38 pm
FukUSpamer@fukspamer.com wrote:

I think you mean PhotoVoltaic.

I'm winging it here... How about a solar chimney? That was actually a
concept that I had just now thought up and thought it is such an obvious
term and such an obvious concept that I googled this up:

<URL: http://www.globalwarmingsolutions.co.uk/the_solar_chimney.htm  >

   That's just about what I was thinking (except better!). Use cheap
clear poly for the collector and cheap black poly (or nothing but
ground) for the absorber.

It's really hard *not* to improve on my ideas!

These are really complicated, and not necessarily efficient. Sounds to
me that you have low humidty and this would be perfect for a swamp cooler.


Posted by FukUSpamer@fukspamer.com on July 6, 2006, 12:01 am

This solar chimney idea sounds interesting. Similar to it..... some
university students in Israel did experiment with reflecting mirrors, they
concentrate the sun light by installing reflecting mirrors at different
angles and heat up the water boiler, experiment was success but don't know
what happened after ward and why this experiment was never  implemented in
real world ? Technology is there to track sun and concentrate the sun rays
at one point. I am sure temperature will be in 1000 degree F  or more there.
Question is why this idea never fly ?

Appreciate if some one throw some light on it.

Posted by harry on July 13, 2006, 7:20 pm
 There's been a big one of these in the Pyraness for years:-
They can melt steel in it. I think cost for energy recovered is the

FukUSpamer@fukspamer.com wrote:

 one throw some light on it.

Posted by jf on July 5, 2006, 6:53 pm
 Why not try using a TEG (ThermoElectric Generator?
Since there is obvious;ly heat and sunlight to create even more heat, a
panel could be constructed or a chimney with a hot side/cold side to use
Seebeck effect devices (TEGs) to create electricity ...

Here's one site example:


Posted by Jeff on July 5, 2006, 9:05 pm
 jf wrote:

Using the HZ-20 modules (as in the demo) you get about 2 Watts (1%) at
50C difference for $89.00. Efficiency comes at delta T's that are
unlikely in a non concentrating collector:

<URL: http://www.hi-z.com/websit04.htm  >

Even at 300C you get 30 Watt at about $/watt

  It looks like PV would be cheaper.


BTW, it looks like no one has made truely small scale solar chimneys. I
think it's doable at a very modest cost, but I've been wrong before...

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