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Posted by IslandGuyDon on January 14, 2007, 10:14 pm
This is my story, After 3 years of private research to get to the point
of step 1, I feel you have to start with the heart of the project.The
energy storage facility. When I bought my Island this "NOW" power house
was a dilapidated shed. It took time to get the structure to handle the
now 15,890 Lbs of battery's plus all the required equipment to make
this happen to my expectations. Which by the way will total 22,400Lbs.

I ran into some good luck on e-bay and found a great deal from Sprint
Telecommunications in Dallas TX. GNB PDQ-23, They were installed in
2002 in a battery back-up system. Then in 2005 they expanded to triple
the building space, which required more power and an adequate back-up
system upgrade. They decided to my benefit to opt for a new 500 Kw
Diesel Generator system which left me with a gold mine in GNB PDQ-23
Battery's. The GNB PDQ-23 is a HI-RATE which lists new for $,450.00
each. With a warranty of 20 years. I paid "GET THIS" $0.00 each. The
Dedicated freight truck costs more than I paid for the lot.

"The lord does provide"

Each battery is a 2.07 volt. SP 1.250 Which translates to one monster
battery @ 4,800 Ah each. The PDQ weights 228Lbs and holds 5.1 gallons
of electrolyte each. Since I live on an Island I had to barge 10 at a
time, total 50, not to mention man handling on a two wheel cart to the
shed, the end result will be well worth it.The Battery configuration to
achieve 2-separate 48 volt banks, took up both side walls and made a
large work bench straight in. Each bank will power a Dual Trace SW-5548
Grid tie power panels.

The reason for two complete separate systems is because there are two
separate meters on the property. 1-to feed the home power, frige,
lights, tv, microwave ect... The second meter is to power the
Geothermal H.V.A.C. system which also makes free domestic hot water and
burns no fossil fuels.

 " Hey I try and keep my carbon foot print as small as possible"

Each power station can, if needed provide 3 times the power required to
live. I looked at my past 6 months DTE Energy bills and added up the
Kwh used, did the math and to my surprise I can live for 2.6 months on
one charge to 50% capacity before a charge is required.

This is step 1 of 3. Step two will begin in the spring of 2007. I am
going to install a 10 Kwh, Bergey wind generator/solar/zomeworks
trackers.Check out the posted pictures, I will update when the Trace
5548's are installed completely.

Don Sturgis


Posted by Solar Flare on January 15, 2007, 1:23 am
Posted pictures do not get forwarded in a non-binary group.

Posted by Jeff on January 15, 2007, 10:32 am
 Solar Flare wrote:

   And this would be more on topic in alt.solar.photovoltaic.  This is a
thermal gorup, although I would guess many read both groups.


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